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Yes, next year is now!

November, 20 2021

Yes, next year is now!VARD is asking for your support in 2022—as we continue our current work, prepare to tackle new work, AND face the challenges that arise daily as the amount of development proposals coming in from across the Valley overwhelm our County and local agencies. 

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Where’s the Middle Ground, Moose Creek Ranch?

November, 11 2021

While the history of Moose Creek Ranch goes back much further, as we heard from many community members during the October 25th hearing, VARDs most recent interactions with the current developers were back 2019 when their first CUP application was submitted.

Sausage and Hope…

November, 10 2021

You have probably heard the expression “democracy is like making sausage,“ meaning the democratic process of listening, compromising, and forward motion on behalf of constituents is messy and, sometimes, chaotic. 


November, 8 2021

All of us at VARD - members, staff and board - have been following, and/or participating in meetings for the rewriting of the Land Use Code for almost 10 years. We are continuing to follow it now. We have the utmost respect for the current, and past, P&Z Commissions who have listened to many, many verbal comments in public sessions and spent hours poring through countless written documents, studies, and written public comments for years.

Planning & Zoning Commissioners Continue the Code...

November, 2 2021

Last Monday night’s P&Z hearing was just over 3 1/2 hours. Commissioners closed the meeting after all comments were in and a motion to continue to Wednesday, the 27th, was made and unanimously approved.

Rundown of Proposed Revisions to County Code

October, 18 2021

The following are details we have noted as substantive proposed revisions to the Teton County Land Development Code, between the April 2021 draft and the most recent P&Z draft, to be addressed by the Board of County Commissioners. 

Our Most Succesful Tin Cup to Date!

September, 9 2021

Thanks to you, our wonderful community, we experienced our most successful Tin Cup in our 20-year history!

We Have Helped 50 HOA's To Date

August, 9 2021

Our mission is to protect Teton Valley’s breathtaking scenery, laid-back lifestyle, and close-knit community...

Sneak Preview of Our Upcoming TVN Editorial

May, 11 2021

The Comprehensive Plan adopted by the County back in 2012 holds a great vision of what many people want for Teton Valley, and the draft Land Use Code will help implement this vision.  It’s direct, flexible and streamlined. 

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