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Rural Subdivisions Creep into Bear's Backyards

May, 5 2023

Who is in whose backyard here?! You decide. Recovery of the Brown Bear is an inspiring modern-day success story. But as Grizzly Bears continue to expand in both numbers and range at the same time, so do we.

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What a Week! Our effectiveness is built on our deep relationships within the community.

April, 14 2023

High Noon Teeing off in JHN&G Article

April, 11 2023

A Florida-based development firm hosted a private dinner and offered other perks to a select few Teton Valley residents in hopes of getting their support for a luxury resort being planned for the base of the Big Hole Mountains.

High Noon Dude Ranch is Back

April, 3 2023

High Noon Dude Ranch is back on the docket for April 11th with a few changes to their concept plan application, including a reduced number of proposed residential lots (from 80 to 39) and relocation of those lots into a more clustered formation. 

Teton Pass Corridor & ITD Traffic Study

March, 16 2023

The U.S. Forest Service, Teton County, Wyoming and the Wyoming Department of Transportation have collaborated to produce a draft Teton Pass Corridor Management Plan.

96-unit multifamily housing project consisting of 24 four-plexes in Driggs

March, 16 2023

The site currently consists of 26 long rectangular "old town" Driggs city lots. You might know the property as the sage fields that are lined with a buckrail fence west of the Driggs 5th Street Park.

Bidache Rezone Pushed to April 12th Agenda

March, 7 2023

Thanks to all of the comments submitted regarding this controversial rezone, the applicants have pulled their application for the 'Bidache 2.0' rezone from this week’s public hearing agenda.

Grand Targhee Base Area Development

February, 24 2023

Cabins recommended for approval (with conditions) with a 3-2 vote, moves on to commissioners...

300+ Lots on 1300+ Acres & GTR Base Area Development

January, 9 2023

If it seems like a lot, that's because it is! Over the nextTWO MONTHS,public hearings covering 21 'pending' subdivisions are coming down the pike.

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