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April, 24 2024


Want to know what we think?!

Well, we are currently working on our 2nd comment letter, but here are a few thoughts...

  • Is this project truly affordable for Teton Valley residents?
  • A traffic study must be completed that includes 33 traffic - Teton Pass.
  • Teton County Joint Housing Authority (TCJHA) should be the keeper and responsible party to update, upkeep, and oversee a Teton County, Idaho qualified applicants list, NOT a developer.
  • TCJHA to be a recipient of the annual report submitted to HUD to monitor the housing, ensure compliance, and provide transparency to the community.
  • The childcare center must be back in the plans. Plenty of time has passed that funding sources could have been identified, and obtained, if it were a priority.
  • SPELL OUT commercial uses. REC to CX is a big jump in zoning, leaving no room for speculation of what could be. 
  • Independent legal review of the Design Development Plan, Development Agreement, Lease Option Agreement, and associated lease.
  • Required affordable housing units must be built FIRST!
  • SPELL OUT City liabilities and protections if the project is sold, half built, bankrupt, etc.
  • Submit all updated materials and documents to IHFA for review to ensure compliance with $4M loan.
  • The Design Development Plan (DDP) was to include language delineating all costs and fees beyond rent associated with the tenants fees.. where is that?!
  • Snavely Group should SPELL OUT their timeline to sell or hold the property.
  • Only 1 ADA unit.. really?! 
  • No paid parking.
  • No paid storage units.
  • No parking or storage for anyone other than tenants. Paid or unpaid.
  • No short term rentals.


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This chart, prepared in the 2023 Land Use and Employee Generation Study for Teton County, Idaho, shows that for every 100 units of multifamily households developed, 19.9 households will be generated (needed) within

the 50 - 120% median family income (MFI).

Help us do the math! How many Affordable units will actually be generated from this project? How many Low Income units (50%-80% MFI) will be needed to compensate for the 80%-120% MFI target this development hits?  

This chart shows the income for AMI percentages used in this project. 

HUD calculates AMI income targets based on a 4 person household at 100%.

For Sherman Park units at 80% for a one person household, you would need to earn $52,800 a year to afford rent. 

*ATTEND the public hearing to provide your comments.

*WRITE to City Council.

*REMINDER: unscheduled comments are NOT allowed via Zoom at Victor hearings. You must attend in person OR email ahead of time and they can schedule you for online comments if you are UNABLE to attend the hearing in person.

Materials from previous meeting HERE

Zoom from previous meeting HERE.

For more information, visit our website.

3 Approved - 2 Denied - 1 Pending

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