Tin Cup Giving Opens

June, 15 2023


Tin Cup & The Value of VARD

The annual Tin Cup giving period is VARD's lifeline! For 22 YEARS strong, we have been advocates for our community - working to protect and maintain open spaces and wild places, while promoting responsible development. Almost 100% of our funding comes from individual donations - in other words.. YOU! And while most emails you see from us are full of the work we are doing and meant to inform and include our entire community in land use decisions, this email is asking you to please help us continue to work for Teton Valley. We are asking you to please support us through another year of hard work and advocacy to protect this special place.


When you support our VARD team in the Tin Cup Challenge, your donation is tax-deductible and your generosity directly helps our organization continue to keep working for you.


As the development boom ceases to calm, we maintain our commitment to follow new and pending subdivision applications, analyze project proposals, and engage with decision makers so we can provide you, our community, with accurate and detailed information.



INFORMING the community 
EMPOWERING our residents

PARTICIPATING in public hearings

ACHIEVING responsible development goals


So, now that you've had some coffee and found your checkbook, please get ready to write some more public comments... and a check to our team at VARD. We will continue to keep you posted on upcoming development proposals so that, together, we can protect the health of our unique community. This is the Value of VARD.


With much gratitude, 

Niki, Anna, Emily, Alena & the VARD Board

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