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Zoning verification inquiry submitted to the City of Victor regarding the Cobblestone Hotel

Zoning verification inquiry submitted to the City of Victor regarding the Cobblestone Hotel

October 3, 2018

Ashley Koehler, Interim Building & Planning Administrator

City of Victor

32 Elm Street \ P.O. Box 122

Victor, ID 83455

Re: Zoning Verification for the Cobblestone Hotel

Dear Ashley:

We request verification of zoning compliance of the Cobblestone Hotel building with respect to the following Land Use Code provisions:

  1. Section 1.3.3.A Interpretation of Zoning in Split Zoning Situations for Non Subdivision Applications. This section states as follows:

“When the boundaries of the district as shown on the City of Victor Official Zoning Map are drawn so that a single property has more than one zoning district designation, control of use or control of zoning on the property shall follow the district requirements for each zoning district as drawn on the property.”

The Cobblestone Hotel property appears to lie within both the Commercial Mixed Use (CX) and Downtown Mixed Use (DX) zones (see Exhibit A). It appears that approximately 87% of the building lies within the DX zone. Please confirm the appropriate district standards for both the CX and DX- zoned portions of the Cobblestone Property.

  1. Division 10.2 Allowed Use Table. In this section, hotels of more than 30 rooms are not permitted in the DX zone (see Exhibit B). However, the Cobblestone Hotel contains 56 rooms, and it appears 51 of these rooms are located in the DX zone. Please confirm that the existing hotel conforms to the use restrictions in Division 10.2.
  1. Sections 5.2.3 CX Building Placement and Division 5.3.3 DX Building Placement. In both the CX and DX zones, buildings are required to conform to a “build-to zone (BTZ)” standard. The standards vary in each zone, however, it appears the existing Cobblestone Hotel building may not conform to the BTZ standard in either the CX (see Exhibit C) or DX zone (see Exhibit D). Please confirm compliance with the appropriate BTZ standard.
  1. Section 8.15.3 General Building Lot and Placement. We understand that the existing Cobblestone Hotel building is considered a “General Building.” It appears the transparency standards in Section 8.15.3 require a certain percentage of transparency (i.e. windows) on the ground level of a General Building. However, it appears that existing building may fall short of the transparency standard (see Exhibit E). Please confirm compliance with the transparency standard in Section 8.15.3.

Finally, we request compliance verification with the controlling ordinance for outdoor lighting standards. It appears that the 2006 “Dark Sky Ordinance” was repealed and replaced by the Victor Land Use Code in 2015.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn W. Hill

Executive Director


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