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Village at Victor Mountain Retreat annexation and rezone request

Decision Makers: P&Z Commission – City of Victor

Topic: Village at Victor Mountain Retreat annexation and rezone request

April 23, 2007

City of Victor
Planning and Zoning Commission
P.O. Box 122
Victor, ID 83455


Dear Victor Planning and Zoning Commission, 

I am writing on behalf of Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD) regarding Travis Thompson’s request to rezone approximately 36 acres to R2 for the Village at Victor Mountain Retreat subdivision north of the city.  We are opposed to this rezone for two major reasons.  First, the city is not prepared for the flood of new lots that this project will contribute to.  Second, the density that this rezone would allow is too high given the location of this project. 

I have also submitted a letter addressing annexations and subdivisions generally, and will not repeat its contents.  I will, however, reiterate the importance of a Capital Improvements Plan for the city.  As for the density, the 198 new units will be too far away from downtown for pedestrian accessibility.  Therefore, they will generate significant traffic increases and congestion and harm the quality of life for all current Victor residents by overtaxing every aspect of the city’s infrastructure.

The developer has cited his desire to provide affordable housing with this development.  Unfortunately, he has not proposed any means of ensuring affordability such as deed restrictions or selective sales.  The study recently conducted by BBC consulting on affordability cited the range of affordable housing in our community, based on local incomes, of $130,000 to $203,000.  The developer’s proposed range is $175,000 to $250,000.  Previous attempts in Victor to provide affordable space at the market’s mercy, such as Harley Wilcox’s commercial building on Main Street, have fallen prey to the aggressive speculation market and within months of being on the market their sales prices have risen well beyond the range of affordability cited by the BBC study. 

We urge you to deny this rezone and focus on building a strong foundation with a larger planning staff, a Capital Improvements Plan, and a more thorough approach to affordable housing in Victor.




Ian Tuttle


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