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Victor Open House to inform residents about the proposed Traditional Neighborhood Design Overlay, the proposed Impact Area Expansion and addressing.

Decision Makers: City of Victor

Topic: Victor Open House to inform residents about the proposed Traditional Neighborhood Design Overlay, the proposed Impact Area Expansion and addressing.

March 21, 2008

City of Victor
Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council, City Staff
PO Box 122
Victor, ID 83455

RE: Input on the TND and on Victor Impact Area

Dear Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council and City Staff,

Thank you very much for all the effort you put into making Victor’s Open House a success. It was very exciting to see so many people from all walks of life taking the time to learn about and give input on Victor’s future. Below are our comments.

Traditional Neighborhood Design Overlay

VARD remains in favor of many aspects of the TND, including that it would allow Victor’s density to be in its core and that it would facilitate a walkable, lively, attractive downtown Victor with a variety of housing options.

We suggest that at the next public hearing or public meeting you consider employing one of the new technologies such as Community Viz that would allow the public to see in 3-D dimensions how one or a whole series of TND developments might look in Victor’s downtown core. These technologies do cost money, but we believe the public will be able to give more helpful input when they are able to see how the TND might really look in three dimensions. There are several Community Viz experts we can put you in contact with if you are interested.

Victor Impact Area

It's very important that Victor is concerned about the cumulative impacts of all the septic fields and wells in its watershed and that Victor wants to play a larger role in determining how the area around Victor develops. However, we are concerned about how to limit the costs of sprawl if the impact area is indeed enlarged.

Our outstanding questions and suggestions include:

•    Dialogue with the County. Before the city decides what zoning to put in the impact area, it makes sense to wait to hear if the county is going to get rid of the urban service and urban reserve rings, which would eliminate the current conflict of the county having a higher density than the city.
•    Density. It’s important that the city chooses a density for the Impact Area that will not put undue burdens on Victor when Victor tries to service this area and that will not create competition with Victor’s downtown core. Because of annexations, Victor has taken on a sort of octopus like shape. How do you restrict the current octopus effect of Victor's infrastructure and the costs that go along with it if you decide to allow higher densities a the edge of the impact area? Finally, as the city grows out to these areas, it is easier to upzone than down zone. If you have a development that has developed 100 lots on 100 acres, how do you upzone that? How do you upzone a 1.5 to structurally make it work

Thanks again for all your hard work on these important issues!


Lucy Flood


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