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Victor height amendment to allow 75-foot church steeples.

Decision Makers: Victor Planning & Zoning Commission

Topic: Victor height amendment to allow 75-foot church steeples.

September 4, 2012
Dear Victor Planning & Zoning Commission-
I apologize for the late timing of these comments, however, I wanted to send in a letter of support for the proposal to amend the Victor zoning height limitations to allow for the construction of church steeples up to a maximum height of 75 feet. Churches, Wards, and Stake Centers are all valuable gathering spaces that add to our quality of life in Teton Valley.  By their very nature, these are community-oriented buildings that are central to the heart and soul and fundamental character of our valley.  

There is a lot of published research on the positive impact of churches, Wards, and Temples in neighborhoods, meaning they are assets to a community and increase property values. (See, Do, Quang, Wilbur, Robert W., Short, James, An Empirical Examination of the Externalities of Neighborhood Churches on Housing Values, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics Volume 9, Page 127-136 (1994);  Carroll, Thomas M., Clauretie, Terrence M., Jensen Jeff, Living Next to Godliness: Residential Property Values and Churches, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics Volume 12, Page 319-330 (1996);  Danderson, Steven J., The Impact of LDS Temples on Local Property Values, a study conducted by the Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research (2003);  Schneider, Chelsea, LDS Temples Boost Property Values: Home Values Often Rise Near LDS Sites, The Arizona Republic (January 8, 2009); Fickess, Jim, The Temple Effect, Phoenix Magazine, Page 38 (November 2009))

As well-maintained buildings with respectful visitors, these facilities equate with higher occupancy rates for nearby homes and increased property values.  Put another way, they “anchor” neighborhoods and create a draw for housing. Amending Victor’s zoning regulations to facilitate the construction of churches in town is a huge step in a positive direction. It is my hope that this meeting house will be a terrific asset to Victor, and indeed serve as a magnet for attracting people to live in Victor.

I wish that I could be there tonight to deliver my comments in person, but I hope you are able to receive these written comments instead.

Thank you.

Anna Trentadue

Anna Trentadue
Program Director and Staff Attorney
Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD)


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