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VARD's letter of endorsement for the final draft of the Teton Valley 2020 Comprehensive Plan

Decision Makers: Teton County Board of County Commissioners

Topic: VARD's letter of endorsement for the final draft of the Teton Valley 2020 Comprehensive Plan

August 13, 2012

Teton County Board of County Commissioners

150 Courthouse Drive

Driggs, Idaho 83422

RE: Letter of support for adoption of the new Comprehensive Plan.

Dear Commissioners:

Two and a half years of compromise and consensus building have gone into the draft Comprehensive Plan being considered tonight.  Crafted through a rigorous public process, this Plan passed through Planning and Zoning with a 6-to-0 unanimous endorsement.  On behalf of the VARD staff, Board of Directors, and over 500 local members, we also endorse the proposed plan in its entirety.  

The old Comp Plan failed to guide us through a decade-long real estate gold rush, and instead left of us with the lingering baggage of one of the country’s largest boom/bust cycles.  The final product of the Teton Valley 2020 campaign is a greatly improved Plan built on lessons learned.  It offers protection from speculative development schemes, encourages financial planning for the provision of quality public services, and responsible use of taxpayer dollars. Simply put, the new Plan promotes investment in the amenities that support quality of life in Teton Valley.   

I’ve personally attended many of the gatherings and outreach events for the Comp Plan, including citizen committee meetings, public workshops, and P&Z work sessions.  The amount of thoughtful review, well-informed debate, and compromise that came out of these sessions is truly amazing.  The language in front of you has been developed, evaluated, and approved by an astonishing number of very thoughtful, committed citizens.  I encourage the Board to adopt the document as presented, in its entirety as a product of community input. 

That said, we do support adding language to the document if it provides clarity or reduces ambiguity for the public officials who are tasked with carrying out the implementation of the new Plan. If changes are necessary to define a clearer path of action, please act judiciously to enhance the final product, rather than diminishing the intent and vision of the document. 

Best regards,

Stacey Frisk

Executive Director

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development


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