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VARD submits comments on Tetonia's proposed improvements for their water system.

Decision Makers: Tetonia City Council and Department of Environmental Quality

Topic: VARD submits comments on Tetonia's proposed improvements for their water system.

VARD Submits Comments on Tetonia Water System

Tetonia is in the process of designing an expanded water system for the city, which will also include one additional well as a secondary source of water for the town. In designing this new city water system, VARD would like to see Tetonia make the most efficient use of their own existing water rights and not be dependent on annexing large swaths of wetlands in the hopes of accessing outside sources of water.

VARD’s main concern involves Tetonia’s apparent failure to use and defend their multiple existing water rights, while instead brokering a deal to annex landowners south of town in order to hopefully use their late priority irrigation rights as a secondary source for the city. The annexed lands in question include over 260 acres of sensitive habitat and the Spring Creek wetlands that would double the size of Tetonia. Not only would this arrangement involve amending almost all of the elements for this irrigation right and then transferring it into the city, Tetonia would also have to drill a pipeline into town at its own expense. Because of great concerns over the cost and viability of this venture, as well as concerns for protecting the Spring Creek wetlands, the voters of Tetonia de-annexed this property via referendum on May 25, 2010.  

In our comment letter to Tetonia and the Department of Environmental Quality, VARD urged the City to (1) utilize and defend their existing water rights, (2) locate the new city well on city property within the city limits, and (3) not be dependent on any water rights promised through the annexation agreement that was voided by the voters in the May 25, 2010 referendum election.

  • CLICK HERE to view VARD's September 29, 2011 comment letter to the City of Tetonia and DEQ. 
  • CLICK HERE to see a map of the Egbert annexation. 
  • CLICK HERE to review the annexation agreement.
  • To lean more about the ongoing lawsuit between 4 Tetonia voters, 2 abutting landowners to the City, the Egbert Limited Partnership, and the City of Tetonia, CLICK HERE


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