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Temporary Rock Crushing Ordinance up for review

Decision Makers: Driggs Planning & Zoning Commission

Topic: Temporary Rock Crushing Ordinance up for review

On Wednesday, March 3rd at 7:45pm the city of Driggs will consider an ordinance to allow for temporary rock crushing as an allowed use in all zones except for C1 and Central Business District. The city proposed ordinance includes a 60-day time limit on rock crushing and a minimum setback of 400-feet for all equipment.

The impacts of rock crushing are substantial, but they will also vary from site to site.  With any potential rock crushing operation, there will be a series of questions that must be addressed.  How will the land be rehabilitated once the work is done? How will the rock be stockpiled and managed? What happens if the rock is never removed from the property? For all of these reasons, temporary rock crushing would be better administered as a site-specific permit procedure where the applicant submits a site plan and proceeds through a public hearing with P&Z. That way, all special site considerations or concerns from the neighbors can be properly addressed in the form of a development agreement that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the city and property owner.

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