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Targhee Ridge Estates

Decision Makers: Teton County, ID Board of County Commissioners

Topic: Targhee Ridge Estates

August 5, 2009

Teton County Board of County Commissioners
89 North Main Street
Driggs, Idaho 83422

Re: Proposal to amend the final plat for Targhee Ridge Estates.

Dear Commissioners:

At the final plat hearings for Targhee Ridge Estates, 18 members of the public spoke in opposition to this subdivision, citing 3 main concerns: a need to landscape the scenic corridor, the need for a public park, and appropriate building setbacks.  No one commented in support of this subdivision or the mitigations proposed by the developer.  From the recent comment letters in the record, it is clear that 5 years later, the public’s concerns still remain unaddressed.

Before you today is a proposal to vacate the park that was one of the “peace offerings” negotiated to quell the public outcry over this subdivision. The homes in Targhee Ridge are large in relation to the small lots, leaving almost no recreational space for children. Looking into the future when all 25 lots are built out, is it a safety issue to get rid of the park space?  On the other hand, perhaps using the funds from the sale of lot 7 is the fastest way to resolve the outstanding landscaping and road issues. If this Board decides to approve this plat amendment, then please consider my additional comments:

How should the money be prioritized? Driggs City Council agreed to have the funds from the sale of lot 7 pay for road improvements, landscaping along Ski Hill Road, and $15,000 to the City Park Fund. Lot sales have plummeted recently, so how will these financial commitments be prioritized if there are insufficient funds to fulfill all of these obligations?

Time line and cost estimates. Perhaps you want to see a visualization and timeline for the landscaping plan? And the road improvements? What is the cost estimate for all this work?

Get it in writing. The landscaping obligations outlined as Exhibit C in the development agreement between the Developer and the County have either not been implemented or contain too many gaps in oversight to be effective.  All new commitments should be codified in a written agreement between the City, the County, and the HOA.

Targhee Ridge is a subdivision that fell through the cracks of the old system in the past, which is why an enforceable agreement must be in place to ensure a fair outcome today.


Anna Trentadue
VARD Program / Staff Attorney


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