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RMV Commercial Subdivision in Victor

Decision Makers: City of Victor- City Council

Topic: RMV Commercial Subdivision in Victor

July 5, 2007

City of Victor
City Council
P.O. Box 122
Victor, ID 83455

Dear Members of the Victor City Council,

I am writing on behalf of Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD) regarding the RMV commercial subdivision.  We appreciate the work the developer, Travis Thompson, has done in order to present a clear plan for his project.  The renderings and illustrations are helpful.  Below are some remarks on the plan.

First, the mixed-use concept is a good way to increase density while mitigating traffic impacts, and the development’s location close to downtown Victor is good.  However, VARD is concerned that the commercial will detract from commercial redevelopment in the downtown core. The developer has proposed multiple connections to the existing transportation grid, which is responsible.  We would like to see provisions for curbed sidewalks as well as designated bike lanes or pathways in a developer’s agreement with the city to provide more multi-use transportation.

Second, the supermarket site is concerning in that while the location of the lot is good (fronting highway 33), the building envelope location would serve the community much better if it were placed at the eastern edge of the property, creating a stronger Main Street frontage and eliminating a swath of parking along our scenic corridor, and the entrance to Victor.  While commercial retailers generally have their own ideal site plans, they have traditionally been quite willing to work with municipalities to provide what the community wants (see “Better Models for Commercial Development”, by Edward T. McMahon). The K-Mart and the Albertson’s in Jackson, WY, are two great examples of retailers coming to a mutually beneficial compromise.

Third, while the building design for the 9 large mixed-use buildings is agreeable, the repetition of the pattern is not.  The cost savings of repeating a design nine times makes the plan appealing to the developer, but detracts from a unique community character.

Thanks for your consideration,

Ian Tuttle


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