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Reserve at Badger Creek PUD final plat

Decision Makers: Board of County Commissioners – Teton County, Idaho

Topic: Reserve at Badger Creek PUD final plat

Board of Teton County Commissioners
89 North Main Street
Driggs, Idaho, 83422

August 7, 2007

Dear Commissioners,

This letter is in reference to The Reserve at Badger Creek. Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD) has concerns that the process for developing a subdivision as described in Title 9 has not been followed in this case. In chapter 3, Procedure for Approval, 9-3-1, Phases of Approval process it states Lots shall not be sold and recorded in the office of the county recorder and construction of improvements public or private shall not be allowed until the process is completed as outlined above and in this title of the ordinance. At this stage of the development at the Reserve the main road leading up to the top of the property has been constructed creating a large cut through valuable wildlife habitat. None of this work should have been done and it is conceivable that changes might still be made to the final plat which could affect the location and construction of the road. Because changes can happen at any time during the development process it is critical that no work is done before the final plat. This protects the developer and allows the Board of County Commissioners to make good decisions unencumbered by work that has already progressed on the property. The Reserve at Badger Creek is also a good example of the need for a county engineer. Is the design of the road appropriate in its location? Could a different design have been created that would be more sensitive to the wildlife in the area? Could the road have been moved to another location? All these questions would and should be answered by a county engineer who works for the citizens of Teton County not for a private developer.

It is important that the county is consistent in the application of the ordinances. VARD thanks you in advance for addressing this important issue and for your hard work representing the citizens of Teton County.

Sandy Mason
Program Director


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