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Full Survey Results on the Re-Do of Huntsman Springs

Huntsman “Re-Do” Survey Results

To help the public articulate their thoughts on specific aspects of the Huntsman Springs Resort Hotel project,  VARD has fielded a community survey in order break each key issue down by topic. We offer these survey results as a means to facilitate a productive dialogue between the City of Driggs and the general public.





Additional Responses
How would this effect downtown? Parking At site?
I can hardly make out the above map even with new glasses.
I have a lot in Driggs.. plan to build soon. So I am witnessing all this remotely
It appears they are planning using Hwy 33 as their main access which is problematic.
It seems a very large development that would take customers away from downtown Driggs merchants.
i would like to see more effort at mitigating indirect impacts to wildlife from the increased use of the area.
A layman description of the project from the City (NOT VARD) would be helpful. It can be difficult to understand all the city language. A one page memo or summary in easy to understand terms and language would be great.
I foresee the death of local businesses. If the resort offers everything the guests would need why would they spend money with local stores?
It is not that I dislike the project, but my fear is that the Huntsman group will not follow thru or uphold the cities requirements, to many times in the past he has reneged on his promises. He will need to be accountable for his development and not be so exclusive as to prohibit the local folks from enjoying the resort also.
Huntsman’s position is that they will only build a 5-star hotel at the north location but this was not in original plat approval. Huntsman now expects that Driggs will roll over and give them approval for the hotel and associated business space to make the hotel a success. Driggs needs to have huntsmab’s 5-stare hotel be a success but Driggs must get something in return for granting everything they want. What does the city want? That is question that needs to be answered and does Driggs have the staff to stand up to Huntsman?
Discussing possible impacts of the project with other residents and business owners would be good.
I have followed this process, somewhat, and feel that if I dug in deeper I could find anything I need to find out. Time for public comment is certainly important
I have 2 comments. The buildings would be better at 3 stories or the 61 feet the city would like. Please not too many lights, we have a wonderful night sky. Also, I feel very strongly about this. To not allow people other than guests or residents to shop or visit or attend a gathering out there is really not friendly at all for the community of Driggs. I find this offensive. I would enjoy a classy ,nice restaurant to go to or a bar and to make this a gated community is not Driggs. Please , this is rude and arrogant and snobby especially since the residents all are really nice people here in Driggs, they don’t need to be snubbed. Other than that I think Mr. Huntsman is a good man and I love what he has done for Driggs and in such excellent tastes and quality, I think he could make just as much if not more money, if he welcomed his neighbors here in Driggs .
My main concern is that this area would be exclusive to only members of Huntsman Spring and not residences of the area.
Some of the proposed master plan on this visualization is hard to figure out. I would like to see a large visualization and have time to look at it closely and ask questions.
Anna and Crew: Linda and I come from the land of five star hotels – they’ll Colorado. And almost all instances, these hotels provide a “concierge service” for their guest to travel around the community – take them to ski resort areas, shops, etc. I don’t think that the huntsman people should overlook this and politically, to avoid any further negative political ramifications with in the community, I think they should put this on the table soon: have a shuttle running into town every 90 minutes or so or whatever suits them based upon occupancy. There will be an outcry from the community, including both of us, should they proceed with this excessive retail concept that they have proposed. Shuttle service seems like a possibility – at least a possible compromise – in the short-term to settle things down. If, indeed, this hotel will be successful, I would hope that our downtown retailers would “spiff up” their establishments to meet the needs and Tays of a five-star hotel clientele rather than Huntsman providing up – scale retail shops. Just an idea. Well done, John U.
Being an owner of a Huntsman mixed use property, I am saddened that they have chosen to develop this project on the north end of the development. It feels lije we owners have been thrown under the bus.
This project lacks integration with the Valley’s present economy. It seems to be designed as a self-contained luxury resort that can sell guests everything they need without ever interacting with the Valley’s community.
This is the dream of a person who has forgotten what a treasure natural beauty is and is attempting to create Disneyland
This is really all about how a five-star resort becomes incorporated into our Driggs community. Huntsman, until now, has acted very independently and has forged ahead with fairly grandiose plans. This questionnaire outlines the issues very clearly and illustrates the potential choices in front of us all. At this juncture, we all know have a chance to try to make this work for both Huntsman and our community. That would be My objective as I review and provide comments on these options.
I’m especially worried about competition with local businesses AND the utter wasteland around the court house. It’s criminal to have left it this way.
It’s hard to envision how tall or large the buildings will be. The reference to the Colter building is helpful but the rest of the buildings weren’t described.
I have been following this project closely, BUT there have been several changes along the way and I do not believe the public/I have been adequately informed. Therefore, I do not feel that I am informed enough to understand all that is at stake and I now understand that I need to be attending meetings in order to formulate valid comments.
A better understanding of the location’s zoning is needed. I’m hoping that the resort’s proposed excursion center and shops do not compete with downtown businesses.
Would this increase the tax base for the city of Driggs? Or is this just outside the city limits?



Additional Responses
Are they trying to take business away from down town Driggs?
Competition with community businesses will not be fair.
Don’t want to take away from Driggs city business.
How many current business will this displace because they can’t compete?
How much would be open to the public? And how much would be exclusively for guests?
I am concerned that this could detract from existing Driggs businesses & downtown core.
If it is going to be will require amenities for guests.
Mostly just concerned with the retail
Only if they are open to the public
Should be good for employment, but detracts from existing businesses in Driggs.
Too big. Too much.
concerned with it taking business from our struggling downtown area
seems to draw away from the walk around town idea
I think all of the proposed uses listed in the question are typical for a resort. If there are other proposed used for the resort building, then I would need more information on those.
I would be happy to give Huntsman’s those amenities. My concerns would be how The Valley would be able to ‘plug in’ to those uses i.e. could ‘we’ go there for dinner? book a function at the ‘banquet’ facilities?
With that many options for dining at Huntsman Speings it seems unlikely that many guests will venture into Driggs to support local restaurants. Why does the resort need more than one restaurant?
I don’t want to se duplication of what is already provided in current businesses. I would also like ammenities to be available to residences.
It is already difficult to run a retail business in Driggs. I have a hard time understanding how these businesses will survive given the current financial climate of our region.
This part is pretty standard for a high end hotel, again, I would rather see this on the south site, but have no issues with these amenities.
We need a public recreational pool…fitness center and ice rink! Perhaps this is a start toward the city also acheiving that goal!
I think the retail space and commercial uses so far north of downtown Driggs will take away from Drigg’s businesses which have already suffered from the depressed economy. I think if it is going to be built it should be by the courthouse, which is where I understood it was first proposed.
I understand the pool & fitness center at a hotel but there are already plenty of businesses (restaurants, retail and other services) in Driggs and many struggle to survive as is. Not sure why more development is needed until the community can support more. Is this development solely for residents and guests of Huntsman? I guess I feel like this is all just too much for a town the size of Driggs.
Great job opportunities for the county. But if it’s at the expense of local businesses I would object.
I’d rather it be near the courthouse the courthouse looks so odd out there by itself plus it would make Driggs feel more like a town!
Some of the proposed commercial uses are things that Driggs does not have. Some of them are the same or similar. my biggest concern is watering down businesses and patronage to businesses that already exist in Driggs. I also wonder, will these businesses at Huntsman be open to the general public or will they be ‘gated?’
These appear to all be directly hotel-related uses needed to support a hotel for its guests. I am okay with that.
I feel that the retail would adversely affect downtown Driggs. A pool and a spa are a given in a project such as this , as is a restaurant and cafe. When people travel they want to see a viable downtown area. To have guests at Huntsman sequestered , so to speak ,would not be good for either the community or the development.
This is a secluded, rich guest facility and commercial that would keep these guests from shopping and dining downtown.
Would not like to see uses that largely compete with downtown businesses so this answer would depend on nature / size of these proposed uses
The first site next to the courthouse seems as if it should be developed first. As it is walking distance from town. Being that far north of town and providing all the services one desires on site will not benefit existing town business.
It sounds like these will be for members only so I wouldn’t be able to use these offerings anyway. It’s a free country so they can make it if they want it.
Seems like too much – 2 restaurants & a cafe would certainly take away from dining opportunities in town.
I totally understand why Huntsman would want this nice facility near the other visually appealing things they have already built. However, I think is a bit much, maybe one restaurant, they already have one. And it makes me sad that it is so exclusive, it would be nice if the public could use the restaurant at least, it would bring them a lot more business.
I understand the need for some type of commercial use at the resort, but not at the expense of the loss of business in the downtown zone.
I feel that the amount of space allocated to the retail space is huge and unnecessary and has the potential to greatly impact local downtown businesses in Driggs. The wide variety of retail stores suggested by Huntsman seems excessive. Spending a considerable amount of time in other resort communities, I have observed that a few small retail operations might be appropriate for guest convenience, but the extent of retail that Huntsman the suggesting would make this their own little enclave and seriously detract from being part of the community and supporting the community. Instead, I would encourage Huntsman to consider working with local retailers and provide shuttle service to and from Driggs proper for guests to rent equipment, have meals and have a local shopping experience beyond the confines of the resort.
we have hotels restaurants & business that are currently struggling. we need to concentrate on The City Centers of the county-Victor & Driggs-and strengthen our communities from the downtown area. Making them accessible and walk able for all.
No problem with the pool, café, spa, or banquet facilities, as long as they are open to the public. The restaurants compete with main street businesses and shouldn´t be permitted.
Will these facilities be only available to those buying into Huntsman? Seems like an outdoor pool is only good for about 3mos/yr. As there is no pool available for the general public it would need to be open to all.
I would hope that it would be available to the public, not just hotel guests. And that the prices for the fitness center & pool (open to the public) would be comparable to a YMCA (affordable). I sure hope that the stores don’t compete directly with downtown/local businesses. Of course, competition can fuel better prices but I’m thinking that this would take away from Current downtown businesses due to convenience for guests, but not provide better prices for the public. I want it to benefit the locals, mostly.
How can we encourage tourist to visit the town of Driggs and support the local business if they have to compete with Huntsman? Will the pool be open to the public?
I really would like a pool that the public could access but otherwise I don’t know if the rest is sustainable.
Restaurants make sense for hotel guests. All the retail only kills any chance for local retailers to benefit from increase in visitors.
Local business people struggle as it is. I think many local families would loose their livelihood if this were allowed to go through. Our sweet, local, inviting downtown is a rarity in this country. It provides local jobs and brings in tourists, who are nostalgic for the days of mom and pop storefronts that are a thing of the past in most of our country. Our local downtown businesses are a huge asset that must be preserved.
Wish this were sour end of development, closer to Bates/Ski Hill. They need to connect this with the downtown and ski hill.
The small businesses in town are struggling and this would keep people at the resort and not help out down town.
This seems over the top. I would hope this resort would not serve as a bubble, but would enhance our communities. Two restaurants and a cafe? Why? Visitors should be enticed to visit our local communities. The resort should benefit our communities.
I would prefer to see Driggs commercial activity concentrated in the downtown area. The businesses listed in the “ie” section I don’t oppose, but any retail establishment such as sports stores, clothing, and other similar retail options should be concentrated largely in the Driggs downtown. If another liquor license is approved it should not necessarily go to Huntsman, and other restaurants that are interested should be considered.
I’m a bit concerned about the negative impact the retail locations could have on already established in town locations
I am in favor so long as local merchants and small business owners can rent the retail spaces that become available at a reasonable rate.


Additional Responses
Again – this seems like too many shops that will undoubtedly compete with what we have in town.
Again, NO duplication of what is already present in Teton Valley, esp. Driggs.
Great. But again, not removed from the town. Should be on south end.
How much business does this take away from Driggs’ and Grand Targhee businesses?
I am concerned that this could detract from existing Driggs businesses & downtown core.
I wonder if folks will wander into town or just hang out at Huntsman shops, etc.?
I would like to see all retail in downtown Driggs.
It’s just too large.
Keep retail in downtown Driggs
No more competition for local businesses.
Not sure I understand how the general public gets to use this?
Retail should be concentrated in Driggs locations zoned for it.
Retail should be linked to existing retail areas in Driggs.
Same as above answer
Same concerns as above
See above
See above. There is no reason for Huntsman to put all of our local businesses at risk.
See commits above
Some level required to ensure the Huntsman resort hotel is a success .
The actual content seems fine, if it were located in the south end closer to downtown.
The end of Driggs main st period
This all takes away from our community. And it’s heritage.
To far north away from down town driggs.
Too far from other downtown businesses it will seperate Driggs
We have too many empty buildings on main street now. Lets fill them first.
see above
why not be closer to town
I don’t want to see Driggs downtown area suffer. There are too many suitable vacant spaces currently.
will create two retail towns… not good for existing Driggs. It would be prudent to get Huntsman to invest in Driggs. A more vibrant Main Street of Driggs would benefit the resort and the shop owners of Driggs
If retail spaces on Main Street in Driggs remain vacant year after year, how do these retail spaces plan to stay busy? Will it merely pull business from the downtown area?
It is already difficult to run a retail business in Driggs. I have a hard time understanding how these businesses will survive given the current financial climate of our region.
The Current businesses need our support. Please encourage Smart Growth in our towns and city centers.
I can’t tell from the image. I see “c” in the immediate image above and can’t tell from the image at the top.
See my previous comment about the necessity for more retail. Also, is this stuff open to the public? I already have the sense that this whole development is a “gated community”. Not sure how it helps our community/economy if it’s all a self-contained unit but it sure could be a burden to our taxpayers. Again, I think it’s too much for a town the size of Driggs. It’s a whole “other” separate city with it’s own identity with no relationship to Driggs identity. It’s not organic growth in the sense that it’s being built to fill a need in the community.
Seems out of the way. It would be better if it were closer to the center of town. It sounds like a gift shop…..
There are retailers in Driggs who could sure use that business. I would encourage resort guests to walk a few blocks into town and meet their neighbors.
Huntsman springs has said they want to be part of the community but this does not feel like part of the community.
The Driggs downtown core needs to be revitalized & new business areas should not be located this far from the core
Would detract from downtown business. Would only Huntsman residents be allowed in these businesses?
I think some of the retail suggestions are great, things that we do not have in the valley – bookstore for example. However, I would be strongly against a largish sports store that would compete with Peaked and Habitat. Small sporting items and apparel are ok – those can be purchased in many places. Essentially, if the valley doesn’t have it and it can be a benefit, bring it in. But if it will be competition (with the exception of food and drink) I don’t know if it should be included. Or, maybe part of the retail space could be leased to Habitat or Peaked so it is not competition.
The likely occupants of this retail space will not be local businesses but rather chains like Gorsuch & Starbucks. It will keep the hotel guests from visiting the real local downtown businesses.
Nothing should be allowed to go forward that competes with our downtown business area. Part of the plan should also include a “walk-in” access for people that live here or do not. Otherwise how will people know how WONDERFUL Huntsman Springs can be? What is the point of being elitist?
I think our small community already has a hard time supporting our shops in downtown, if anymore shops are built I think they would do better closer to town and near the court house especially if they weren’t exclusive.
Like the idea of more shopping options but hate the idea of taking away from local retailers and sending local money to outside retailers
I feel downtown Driggs should be the main focus of retail. Currently the downtown needs much improvement.
Have everything be open to the publlc, this is Driggs, not Beverly Hills, not even Jackson or Aspen are this snobby. give local businesses first options to move in to these spaces . A bookstore sounds great !!!!
HS (IMHO) does not appreciate that a resort of this type will not be successful unless and until Driggs attains vibrancy and beocmes a place people want to go to, shop and be entertained in. COmpeting retail could hinder that. Their hotel will not make it on its own.
I believe this retail plaza will adversely affect local businesses who are currently struggling to survive. This is an unnecessary addition which would directly compete with our business community.
We have enough struggling businesses. The last thing they need is something that will divert business from the existing town.
A very small amount of retail is appropriate, ie news and sundry shop, but stores directly competing with in town retail is not. Again, it seems as if they’re competing with not only existing retail in town but also with us that bought mixed use property from them. We are all in debt from these purchases and are trying hard to find a way to make buildings work on them. Developing retail on the north site is killing us.
The priority is glamor instead of practicality. If the design succeeds, it will harm the County’s economy, sending profits out of the community. If it fails, it will become a decaying eyesore.
Would tax revenue allow further beautification of downtown area? 2 thriving retail areas would be fine, but I wouldn’t want downtown business to go undermine,
I would approve of only a very small square footage of village retail–much less than has been proposed. There are struggling retail businesses in Driggs that will be harmed by this Village Retail Plaza. Part of Huntsman Springs is within City Limits. To be the biggest asset to our community, guests at the resort need to get outside of the resort and spend time (and money) in the City of Driggs. It would be bad for our community if Huntsman Springs becomes an entity unto itself, segregated from Driggs.
This retail area would directly compete with and secure business that otherwise would go to existing businesses in town. A bad idea unless you’re the developer who wants to maximize return from guests and screw the town’s merchants…
Local retail stores already don’t have enough business. The shopping should be in town not at the resort.


Additional Responses
Couldn’t hotel concierge work with local providers to set up rec for guests??
Great. But again, not removed from the town. Should be on south end.
Have no concrete info on what this center is.
I don’t understand what an excursion center entails.
I have no idea what the ‘concept’ is for an Excursion Center!
I think that small local businesses are what makes Teton Valley great.
I’m not sure what this is.
If like to see what the actual plans are for it.
It is not clear what the real purpose of the excursion center is.
Just another dream of opulence
Not sure how this fits for the general public.
Not sure what it is
Our Current retailers need our support not something new to sprawl our open spaces.
Same as above.
See above two comments. How will this impact existing small business owners?
Teton Springs Still is not working. Why would Huntsmans.
There is not enough detail on what this will actually be.
This could potentially support local businesses
What does excursion center do for Driggs? Wilderness areas?
What exactly is an excursion center?
What exactly is it?
What is an “excursion” center?
lets get the visitors downtown
not sure
Seems odd to have it for on house guests only and those guests would have purchased those items at local retailers.
They are trying to create something that the guests NEVER have to leave. I would prefer to see them create something that builds a walkable downtown area.. like a Park City Main Street. Where guest want to venture into town.
“Come to Driggs but stay away from the people who live here” is the message this is sending to me.
This is a use/service that can really integrate the development with the City if it is structured to do so. If it is a self-contained presentation, it will both compete with exisitng downtown businesses and will also give the resort an isolated image. Driggs downtown businesses shuld be providing these services in their trade nemes with special service for hotel guests.
We have numerous sporting goods stores already overly competing with one another. We have back country and fishing companies that already support our population. We don’t need another excursion center. Huntsman should be supporting the local economy. A strong business community benefits the development.
See comments above about the village retail, which are also applicable here. Also consider the GeoTourism Center, which is intended to be a resource for helping visitors find the activities and services they are interested in. I think the Huntsman Springs Excursion Center should have no retail–just information, more like a typical Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center (or our GeoTourism Center). It should be an information and referral service, and should not have any retail. We have a lot of outdoor stores in our community already.
Seems like having access to book local tours is good, but additionally it seems like a lot of retail space that could in turn be a disservice to our existing storefronts.
Should be open to all as it appears to be very close to the retail shops. Would benefit more than just guests of hotel. If they want that to be guests only should be incorporated into hotel lobby
Specifics need to be nailed down. I would support this only if it included working with local outfitters and if it did not provide extensive retail that overlaps with the products available in other stores in town.
We are a recreation based economy. Outdoor activities require some retail amenities that may not be offered in town.
Same comment as above. Small sport ish items ok – gloves, hats, handwarmers, granola bars, etc. But nothing large that competes. Would be nice to have the option to lease the space to a local business, if someone was interested.
500 sq ft is a lot of space for Kleenex for ice skating… There are retail and concierge services available in the hotel building?…
I don’t know what an excursion center is but I’ve made it clear how I feel about diverting retail from town.
Not sure what to make of this and would like to see much more detail as to what the floor plan would contain.
Would like it to be a way for guests to tie into recreation activities operated by established local businesses.
This sounds okay. It will help guests do things in the area. Hopefully they use local “outfitters” to assist guests with off-location activities.
What exactly is an excursion center. Will it also compete with local businesses? Will they employ local people?
Local retail stores already don’t have enough business. The shopping should be in town not at the resort.
As stated before, I think it might be ok if it was closer to downtown Driggs so that people could walk back and forth and create more business for Driggs’ economy.


Additional Responses
As long as this does not open the door to hi rise type building in the future
Considering the location, I do not see this as the Big Problem.
Fire control at that height earthquake considerations
Four stories is too tall and obtrusive. Totally not necessary!!!
I do not feel tall buildings fit into the community.
I don’t want to see the downtown area’s skyline/view shed impacted by this structure.
In my personal tastes, it is too tall and would stand out distractingly from the rest of Driggs.
It is too tall.
It will seem odd one tall building in the middle of nowhere.
It’s too tall.
Please keep the sprawl to a minimum & keep our open spaces free of obstructions.
Sounds high but if it’s similar to what is in Driggs already maybe it’s not so unreasonable
The lobby doesn’t need to be so high in order to still look good.
To tall. An eye sore.
Too tall, too much, too separate. A playground for the 1 per cent. Just say hell no!
Way too high, if was up to me 2 stories is high enough, 3 stories maximum
What will the resort look like from the highway?
Would like to see a visual simulation with impact from highway
doesn’t need tobe that high
too tall for the valley
way to high. 45 ft. max like the colter building.
I think the resort should take into consideration the height of the buildings being careful not to block the view of the Tetons for existing buildings and residences. The view is a big part of what brings tourism to this community’s economy
The building is designed to dominate the viewshed in order to keep people from finding anything of interest in the City.
There are height restrictions in place for a reason. It helps that the highest entry point faces southwest.
Visually I don’t like tall buildings. But for the valley I think up is better then really spread out. I would be OK with the height if the resort was less sprawling.
I’m relatively okay with this, because I don’t think it’s going to pose a problem from Hwy 33. I am concerned, however aout a precedent been set for heights of other buildings down the road.
It seems like a huge building compared to all buildings that exist today. What if we build it and people don’t flock to Teton Valley? We will be stuck with a huge building that’s only partially filled.
No higher than Coulter building. Let’s see some progressive design. Not more of the same. Huntsman’s (Residential) Architecture is dated and bland. A giant lodge is not going to help.
Keep it low and in concert with the surrounding area. This is a rural area. An attractive building could be built that doesn’t take your eye away from the mountains. I recently returned from Park City and I was amazed that I never felt like I was in a mountain community as all I saw were roof tops! Be aware of nighttime lighting.
Too Tall! Everyone should prefer to look to the mountains if they’re looking for a view of a peak.
Obviously he will need variances, but to what expense???? To our valley nd does this mean if we let him do it he could possibly build a temple to support his community with a lighted steeple, obstructing the beauty of our scenic valley and the night skies, YIKES!!!!!!
We need realistic portraylas of the visual impact. I do not have confidence in the applicant’s submission in that respect, which was quite limited and potentially biased. Light from the huge window expanses and the resort in general is an important impact that the applicant and the City have not addressed.
I think that we need to be extremely careful here and Innoway, I think we should limit the height to the “maximum lowest level that can be approved” the issue is sprawl. Once we designate a high or higher level than this maximum minimum height if you will that will set precedent for others to push for higher and higher buildings creating light pollution, etc. This is one of the key issues with this property – even more important, Innoway, then the retail space.
I think these heights would probably be acceptable in terms of how they are seen from the highway. However, if these same heights would, as a result of approving them for this resort, be allowed throughout this zone, then I am strongly opposed. The zoning and code need to be written in such a way that these heights are allowed ONLY for this resort. Otherwise, we could be in big trouble in the future.
Height restrictions are a good thing, the view of the big holes and the view of the river are important to me. I feel the courthouse is too tall.
Please not 4 stories! This project is in a resort, in a beautiful mountain valley. It should be scaled to not dominate the valley view
It’s hard to tell… It would be great to keep all building heights below a certain threshold (like Davis California) so that the landscape isn’t overwhelmed By ugly tall buildings)
My immediate reaction is it’s too tall. The courthouse already sticks out like a sore thumb and so will this hotel where it is. Again it should be next to the courthouse as originally planned.
I think this will look like Veil, not Teton Valley. The reason people come here is because we don’t have things like this.
I don’t see this as much of an issue. Maybe I’m not aware of what it means in terms of human scale. My main concern, is the overall footprint and the overall massive size of this development. It seems like just too much, it’s not organic and it smacks of exclusivity. This development looks like it is just plunked down without any relationship to our community socially, economically, culturally, etc.
The height is of no consequence to me as I live far north of whole project. Wonder what those living W of it would think.


Additional Responses
Add a space for outdoor concerts with permanent covered band stage.
Connect it to the Driggs community. Right now there is no connection, no sidewalks etc.
Either option would be appropriate
Having been let go shows lack of concern in a very childish manner
How about extracting a rec center with a covered pool and tennis courts for this area.
How about walling the area off from rest of huntsman development and then use for community park?
I would like this to be their entrance not Hwy 33
Is there room to develop a public recreational building near this space….pool…fitness etc.?
Needs to be linked to downtown
Remember that a park with trees will consume precious water.
Since it is in town.. park area would be nice
The area looks abandoned. How does this benefit our community??
The area surrounding the courthouse currently is an eyesore.
The courthouse surrounding is ugly now and not at all welcoming.
Trees ! Bushes, native flowers and berries. wildlife friendly landscape
Turn it all back to the wet lands and cattle range the way It once was.
Unless it is developed. But definitely finish the sidewalks and keep the weeds under control
I’d like to see Huntsman encourage further development around the courthouse as well as parks and landscaping. Why not have retail spaces here instead of far away up at the north end of the development? This would blend more seamlessly with the existing downtown area. It seems logical that retail spaces at the north end of the resort will only fracture community feel along with the flow of retail dollars.
An entrance to Huntsman there would support future retail and hotel there. This is the area that developers should be concentrating on. This location has more possibility of bolstering the existing economy.
they should put in some soccer fields for the kids soccer teams. We have a shortage of playing and practice fields.
Some development is needed. The first impression of the courthouse is : who donated the land for this building and why isn’t it at least landscaped? Looks ugly in its current state.
It is in Huntsman’s interest that this area is improved because it reflects on their development as well as Driggs. This could be done in phases. Consider the recurring cost to maintain.
Weed lots are rather common in Teton Valley, but there’s no excuse for rich people like the huntsmans to grace us with their weeds.
I think the resort should plan their development in this area, and if that is not possible, I’d like to see the area landscaped with a public park with grass,, etc as above.
I think some landscaping would improve the area but should not be associated or required with this project.
Here is another idea: as I mentioned, Linda and I know the Vail Colorado area very well. There is one of the most magnificent “Alpine wild flower gardens” Invale called the “Betty Ford wildflower garden” – Google it. This garden draws hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people who, to see the garden, have to walk through the village avail depending upon where they stay – in other words, it draws people. I’m afraid that putting up a park, though nice, will not “draw people”. During late June, all of July, all of August, and almost all of September, such a garden could be planted with seasonal Alpine flowers which could be magnificent. I think that having such a garden could be a Point of distinction for Driggs. It would have to be landscaped and this would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it properly – water, planting the proper flowers and marking them, etc. In terms of maintenance of the garden, they’ll realize 100% on volunteers and local citizens who are interested in horticulture. I really do think you should look into the Betty Ford garden Invale and I must be some pictures and descriptions of it if you Google it. If you have any problems in looking at this, let us know. It is a major, major attraction in Vail for the Late spring, summer, and early fall season – it gets national recognition and would be terrific to promote and brochures/tourism promotion for the city. Thanks so much for doing this!, John and Linda.U
I would like to see more than “basic” reseeding. Sagebrush, rabbit brush , native grasses and drought resistant plants along with walkways would enhance the area.
Leaving it as it is for these years is a slap in the face to the community. They simply don’t care.
The weeds are a problem and it still fills disconnected from the rest of the city. It would be nice to have a landscaped path connecting the courthouse to the rest of town.
It is ridiculous that the front entrance to the courthouse is not where the parking lot is. I’ve never seen anything like it. It doesn’t make sense.
Planned landscaping would be great but nothing over done, it doesn’t have to be extravagant or fancy. A fenced dog area would be awesome!!
The HS plan will leave this area vacan and unimproved for decades, absent unusual new devleopment that no one anticipates. It is being funcitonally abandoned as the applicant’s statements to the City made clear. A long term solution is needed and it is the applicant’s responsibility to take care of this as it is the applicant who is now wanting to dramatically change the development plan.
Keep in mind that Huntsman Springs is a PUD, which allows for some flexibility that should work to the advantage of both Driggs and Huntsman. It needs to be give and take. The annexation was something Huntsman needed. What does our community get in return? I suggest that we need landscaping near the courthouse. Until the lot that is already platted for a hotel is developed, it needs to be well landscaped. The area around the courthouse is an eyesore.
I feel that it is VERY IMPORTANTLY that Huntsman finish something to tie the courthouse in to the city with both an aesthetic and useful purpose.
I think a combination of native grass reclamation along with a few dedicated use areas (not necessarily all lawn!) would be nice. A park area could still be low maintenance if spaces are designed thoughtfully
Being a landowner in this area, and paying HOA dues for which we receive NOTHING, I would like to see considerable work done to make these properties more marketable/developable with the caveat that we landowners already pay enough and the onus should be on Huntsmans to do this especially since they’re focus is solely on the north development, leaving us “under the bus”
It’s too late to fix it now but that building is completely backwards in every way… Reverse passive solar; icy, north facing steps; no connection to downtown Driggs, etc.
I’m not sure what these lands are. Are they future commercial? If so, native grasses would be more appropriate than a “public park” that really isn’t a public park because the public aren’t welcome there. There is already an unpleasant feeling of “gated community at Huntsman which a grand entrance gate will exacerbate IMO. Why isn’t the hotel and other proposed developments on this end next to the courthouse rather than way at the north end? Again, the Huntsman development is all very poorly related to the rest of the town. But perhaps that was the intention?


Additional Responses
At this time the scope of this project does not seem appropriate.
Didn’t see any info on the size/scale???
I feel this does not benefit Driggs business or locals.
I think Huntsman is good development.
It’s just a bad idea. It’s not for Teton Valley.
Not really sure, but it looks fairly large for our little town.
The size seems appropriate for a tax dodge than than a sound investment.
This is Huntsman’s business decision.
hopefully the valley will grow with the development
what a great asset to the city of Driggs and Teton County.
where will all of the employees live?
I like the idea of more jobs, more food and bev choices, and bringing more revenue to Teton County. I hope it doesn’t become a zombie subdivision like so many already are.
Not our land or our business as long as huntsman’s is following the current rules and regulations
It is difficult for me to wrap my head around the proposed numbers in square footage terms. What is needed is some sort of compare and contrast imagery of what exists already in the town of Driggs with what will be built within the Huntsman Resort.
It is way too big. Right now Teton Valley does not have the tourist base to support such a resort. Teton Springs trying to do the same thing and it did not work out. The last thing this community needs is yet another underutilized overbulit resort.
I understand the developers need to capitalize on their investment in this community. I can visualize homes and the golf course and the pool and spa, a hotel in keeping with our community and the ancillary facilities that developments of this sort require but not at the expense of Driggs, Victor and yes, even Tetonia. If Huntsman added to Teton County by building out so their guests would support us that would be to their advantage. I also feel strongly that the resort should not be so elite that members of this community cannot take advantage of what this resort is set to offer it’s guests. In the end that would only benefit the project. And if Huntsman is viable , so are we. Let’s work to make this project work for Teton County too.
Way, way, way too big. I wish this Huntsman development was never approved in the first place and we were more focused on encouraging the type of growth that would bring good jobs to our community. This will just bring a bunch of low paying service jobs (where the social costs are pawned off on the tax payer) in an exclusive enclave where our citizens aren’t welcome. Honestly I don’t even understand the viability. Was this a “If you build it, they will come” idea? How’s that working out for River Rim? Why do we need more development like this when other similar developments have failed or are struggling? I don’t think any more of this development should be approved until there is some basis in reality to support it. Not sure what that metric would be but it could for instance be tied to the number of taxpayers the Huntsman development has to have already brought to the community, (i.e. lots sold, homes completed, and those folks paying property taxes and sales taxes here). From where I stand (outside the gates – LOL) it looks like another zombie subdivision.
It could work BUT the community has got to be part of the process! Huntsman’s DID start out as an EQUESTRIAN/GOLF resort. Is the equestrian element still part of the VISION? How come there is a herd of bison within the Driggs city limits? When, where, how did that become part of “the plan?”
I think the resort is too big and will struggle to succeed financially. If it succeeds, it will be wonderful, but I think starting smaller and expanding later would be a safer bet for our community. Failed subdivisions are bad enough, but a failed large resort in and next to town?
A private community this close to a small, rural town seems awkward for everyone (the haves and the have nots)
I have trouble believing that there is going to be enough draw to make these businesses viable without having a negative impact on the existing community of downtown Driggs. Also, are these businesses going to be accessible (both physically and monetarily) by the residents of the existing community? Take Tetonia for example. This town has taken a huge hit from the recession and is struggling to survive. It’s sad. How much more would this community suffer from going ahead with this development?
There is not a demand for this type of hotel in our area. Just look at Teton Springs, which sits at 10% occupancy for most of the year even when they are renting rooms at $120/night. And that is located in a much more scenic area, not in the middle of a dusty industrial area.
Seems the resort would have more population than the rest of the county! I moved from Truckee, CA to get away from these developments like Squaw Valley, Northstar, Sugar Bowl etc. Our downtown business left to the big ski resorts. Traffic was awful in bad snow storms and high season.
I would like to see it more incorporated into local businesses.. not as an island of retail away from town.
Just admit that Huntman’s goal is a gated community that will have no interaction with rest of community. Maybe they need bigger walls and smaller gates to keep community out…
VARD needs to let this plan move ahead without causing any further problems. Driggs is fortunate to have such good commercial interest.
i have heard rumors that HS is pushing for commercial airline service into Driggs as a contingency for doing the project. i strongly disapprove of that strategy and i am against commercial air service into Driggs.
Huntsman Springs is a parallel universe to Driggs. With enough time and money the owners will get whatever variances they want. Let’s make sure they hire some locals to build and operate their resort.
I think the resort will be a plus for our community some of these details can be worked out. It is a big undertaking, and I seriously wonder who the people are who would be coming. I guess that’s up to Huntsman to drive business to the resort.
They seem to be operating on a “build it and they will come” model, but who’s going to frequent these many storefronts, hotel rooms, etc? I don’t believe there are currently many residents of the many million dollar homes they’ve built. Who are they expecting and realistically how many?
I think the resort could be a draw for tourism in Driggs which would be great. I’m curious as to how many jobs will be created and if there are enough people to work them.
Do we really have what it takes to draw enough people to our area to fill this hotel and to spend enough money to support all of these businesses? I travel every week and I often have the opportunity to speak with tourists who are visiting our area. They have rarely heard of Driggs Idaho or grand Targhee ski resort. They are on their way to Jackson Hole to spend their thousands of dollars. For these reasons I feel the resort vision may be oversized for our small town.
I think the resort could be great for our economy and for promoting Teton Valley, but I worry that it is going to be even more separate from the rest of town. It already feels a bit like the “haves vs. the have nots.”
This resort is already committed. It needs to be successful. Whether applicant has a good read on the potential market is hart to tell. I believe a more vibrant and attractive town is needed to support such a high end plan, along with a more developed ski area.
it’s a well designed development. Their construction and development to date is well done. The city’s and county are fortunate that Huntsmans are willing to invest here. The city of Driggs is very unfriendly toward new business due to high taxes,connect fees, and impact fees. This scale of investment is much needed to bolster our local economy, So Don’t Blow It!
Too big, too posh, too out of character. They should buy Deer Valley if they want a posh ski resort for fat cats.
People come here–and some to stay– precisely because we don’t have big resorts and shopping centers. I think something like this would ruin Driggs.
Development close to the Driggs core could have many benefits to the community. Large scale non-residential development further from the core could be detrimental.
I think a smaller project would be better. My main concern is that only certain , very wealthy people will be allowed there and nobody from Teton Valley is welcome. This is really disturbing and I would not support a project like this because of this reason alone. We have wonderful neighbors and friends in this valley who are not welcome there. …I feel the guests would benefit and many would feel honored to know the great people in this valley, why doesn’t the Huntsmans.. This is disturbing, I don’t believe in exclusivity, especially here in Driggs, I feel offended so I imagine others would also and this could cause hard feelings… this is not a good idea for our wonderful and friendly little town. I don’t want a division like this.
Feels like it takes over our small downtown and could “move” focus from the current center of driggs.
So far 38 spec houses and 6 sold in 6 years I think the public has spoken very loud of a complete lack of interest in this experiment also 128 memberships in the course after 3 yrs the numbers do not look very promising—–river rim II ?
Nothing wrong with the concept, it’s just in the wrong end of H.S. It will hurt downtown Driggs, and further erode the concept of centralizing development in our T.V. city centers. It also kills the original Town Plaza concept around the Courthouse
I’m not sure if it even matters, but it seems as if this will be a Mormon safe-haven, all others not allowed, so I’m not sure we’ll be (as non-Mormons) invited to join? I’m all for development and beautification, but will we be able to even recreate, shop or have family visitors stay there? I have very mixed emotions: yes, bringing new people to this area is a good idea but will this only be a Mormon compound for even more division in this area? Creating “hassle” for development can be perceived as a preventative measure by companies considering development, but we need to have some sort of benefit to the community living here already. Teton Springs refuses to join the Victor area, from a financial perspective and, as I understand it, does not want anything to do with the betterment of the town of Victor. Will this be the same with Huntsman in Driggs? I agree there should be more incorporation of the town, but I also fear that any protesting and concern expressed by VARD is going to damage this area in the long run. So, again, my feelings are mixed. From a PR perspective, I can’t exactly understand why VARD is so very negative about this potentially positive development?
It seems like The Springs is withdrawing its focus from community inclusion to exclusivity. The perception of the average community member sees little draw, other than income opportunity from the services to be provided to the rich…. This resort is a big field waiting for man made enhancements. No charm geographically speaking.
Should they use the space allocated for retail either for a different purpose, or scale it back into a conference area, or take it out altogether, I would be much more content with this.
I would like the jobs in the area but once it is built it would make Driggs the bedroom community for another destination resort…


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