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M1 zone change east of the Driggs airport

Decision Makers: Driggs Planning & Zoning Commission

Topic: M1 zone change east of the Driggs airport

This is a zone change proposal to upzone a 2.95 acre lot in Sweetwater Subdivision from 1-acre average-density residential zoning (ADR1) to Manufacturing (M1). Sweetwater is a residential hangar-home subdivision abutting the far northeast end of the Driggs Airport. Immediately to the East of Sweetwater is Targhee Ranch, another residential subdivision. Not only is this lot located in a residential subdivision with already-existing homes immediately abutting this particular lot, it is also surrounded by ADR1 and 2.5-acre Agricultural zoning. The one exception is that this lot abuts the airport runway, which itself if zoned M1. This area is heavily platted with residential subdivisions, which to date, only have a few homes built in them.    

Click here to read the city staff report.

Click here to see a 2009 aerial photo of development in the surrounding area. 


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