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Letter of Support for Taylor Family Campground

Dear Commissioners,

For tonight’s hearing, I just wanted to send a quick email to re-iterate all of my comments that I made during the original Planning & Zoning hearings for Taylor Family Campground.

VARD is in support of the purpose and concept of this application. There is a clear  public mandate in the Comprehensive Plan and also the Economic Development Strategic Plan for encouraging recreation development in our community. To me, that calls to mind uses like campgrounds, retreat centers, hunting & fishing lodges, outdoor schools, field research centers, etc etc.

However, I do also caution that the physical attributes of this property are challenging and warrant careful attention to the size, number, and placement of structures. But overall, the public has sent a clear message through the community planning process that there is a need and desire for developing Teton Valley’s recreation economy, and this certainly supports that need and desire.

Thank you for considering these very brief comments.

Anna Trentadue

Program Director and Staff Attorney


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