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Letter in Support of Wildlife Rehab Center

November 9, 2016

Driggs Planning and Zoning Commission

60 South Main Street

Driggs, ID 83422

RE: Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center CUP Application.

Dear Planning and Zoning Commission:

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development fully supports Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’s (TWRC) application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a wildlife rehabilitation center. Since the facility will only house wildlife, and run a low impact facility on the property, we are certain that such a facility will be a tremendous benefit for Teton Valley and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in addressing the pressing need for wildlife rehabilitation caused by increased human/wildlife incidents in the region.

The site plan and facility proposed by TWRC is a low impact, and environmentally friendly facility that will ensure that noise, glare, fumes, or other concerns on the city will be mitigated. The site will not be open to the public and will solely be accessed by the 1-3 staff and volunteers per day. Furthermore, the Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center achieves one of the main goals of the Teton County Comprehensive Plan, which is to support wildlife, and conserve, enhance, and protect habitat for the conservation of native wildlife.

It is our understanding that city public works staff has recommended that the access road be adjacent to the courthouse access road across the street. Though this appears to not be required by the city’s Land Use Code, it is our understanding that if such a configuration were required, it would jeopardize the feasibility of the facility due to the landowner’s intended use of the parcel as an agricultural operation in the future. Instead, we encourage the city to use the CUP tool to restrict the amount of ingress/egress movements in order to address traffic concerns while allowing for the continued agricultural use of the land. This way, the city can ensure consistency with the city’s Comprehensive Plan and desired community character.



Brendan P. Conboy

Program and Development Associate

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development


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