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Letter in Opposition to Idaho HB 127

Letter in Opposition to Idaho HB 127

February 22, 2019

Representative Marc Gibbs

Representative Chad Christensen

Idaho House of Representatives

632 Highway 34

Grace, ID 83241

Re:  Opposition to House Bill 127


Dear Representatives Gibbs & Christensen:

Please cast your vote against House Bill 127.  Zoning is a common-sense land use tool that affords all landowners reasonable expectations as to what they – and their neighbors – can and can’t do with their property.  Zoning provides essential property protections regarding public health and safety. It can also create a community’s road map for economic development. When an Idaho community identifies an area to be used for housing, manufacturing, or even infill development, this creates security and predictability for investors who seek to put financial resources into these locations.  Even better yet – good zoning can prompt public/ private partnerships between local governments and investors to create urban renewal projects and downtown revitalization.

In Teton County, Idaho, basic zoning has proven essential to protect farmland, homes, and the awe-inspiring landscape that generates economic development for our valley.  We think all Idaho landowners should have the fundamental protections of county and municipal zoning. As a local control state, Idaho has successfully shown that landowners and business owners can work with their local officials to develop the specially-tailored type of zoning that works best for them and their respective communities.

Again, I urge you not to support this bill. Thank you for your service to this great state.


Shawn Hill

Executive Director

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development



  1. Marc W. McCord

    Idaho is a local control state? Since when? That is a figment of the imaginations of Idahoans who abhor Big Government while turning a blind eye to the fact that Big Government in Boise runs roughshod over cities and counties because Idaho is a Dillon’s Rule state rather than a Home Rule state. Since most Idahoans do not know what either is, or how they differ, they CHOOSE to live a false dream of “freedoms” that do not exist.

    I agree about opposition to HB 127, but it would NOT affect cities. This allows COUNTIES to opt out, which is plenty bad enough, and I would hope that oounty commissioners would be too smart to opt out, but this is Idaho, so anything goes!

    Ultimately, it is up to voters whether or not they will continue sending people to represent them in public office who pretend to be their friend while stabbing them in the back, or else elect reputable, honest people who will work for ALL Idahoans rather than just a privileged few. THe power lies with voters, but they need to be educated about issues BEFORE voting!

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