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Homestead Estates subdivision

Decision Makers: City of Victor Planning and Zoning

Topic: Homestead Estates subdivision

July 10, 2007

City of Victor
Planning and Zoning Commission
P.O. Box 122
Victor, ID 83455

Dear Victor Planning and Zoning Commission,

I am writing on behalf of Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD) regarding Mr. Vern Woolstenhulme’s request to subdivide 60 acres located around 100 W. and 750 S. into 92 lots.  On January 15, 2007, I spoke in opposition to Mr. Woolstenhulme’s request to annex this property on the grounds that it was too far from downtown Victor to add to a compact development pattern.  Furthermore, the proposed 1/3 – 1/2 acre lots are significantly smaller than the 2.5-4 acre lots in the surrounding neighborhoods of Aspen Lakes and Heritage Estates subdivision to the west edge.

Now that the applicant is requesting subdivision, this is the city’s final opportunity to address and mitigate these concerns pertaining to Victor’s vision for downtown redevelopment and a sprawling residential growth pattern around the city.  VARD, as we have expressed over the past year, is a general concern for the significant amount of development in and around Victor and where the city appears to encourage growth.  Growth in and of itself is not the problem.  It is the scope and pace of Victor’s expansion that is worrisome.  

These 92 new lots will join the 1,202 other lots platted or “in the pipeline” and will contribute to a Victor population at build-out of around 7,500 people. The current comprehensive plan provides planning direction for a population of 3,500 in the year 2020.  But the city’s current growth pattern is platting for a population of 7,500 much sooner. If the city is zoning for such a dramatically higher population, then the comprehensive plan ought to be updated and revised to reflect this vision. In addition, we strongly encourage the city to identify a plan to address the demands that new residents will need. VARD is very concerned the city will not have the capacity or resources to cope with this dramatic increase, and will ultimately resort to costly measures for taxpayers.

Thanks for your consideration and your hard work,

Ian Tuttle


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