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Gilroy conditional use permit (CUP) to build duplex

Decision Makers: Planning & Zoning Commission – Teton County, ID

Topic: Gilroy conditional use permit (CUP) to build duplex

March 31, 2008

Teton County P&Z Commission
89 North Main Street
Driggs, Idaho 83422

RE: The proposed Gilroy CUP to build a duplex

Dear Commissioners,

VARD has the following concerns with this proposal to build an additional duplex in the rural county:  
•    Approval of an additional duplex will create a high-density island of development that is not in character with the surrounding rural area. Although this area is already dense with several outbuildings and the existing tri-plex on the property, this is clearly not the location for this kind of high-density development. One poor planning decision should not be compounded by another.
•    Approval of this duplex circumvents the 1-time lot split limitation and creates a higher housing density than the underlying Ag2.5 zoning.  The warranty deed indicates that this parcel cannot be further split under Teton County ordinances. I visited this site location, and there is already an existing 1-acre housing lot at the back of the property and a tri-plex at the front of the 3-acre lot. (See the engineer’s drawing for reference.) If an additional CUP for a duplex is approved on the 3-acre lot, this contradicts the intent of the 1-time lot split limitation. It is also in conflict with the underlying Ag2.5 zoning: there will be a 1-acre lot with a housing unit, and then a 3-acre lots with 5 housing units!

•    Our comprehensive plan provides that “higher density developments should be located within or near their areas of impact.” The appropriate location for high-density housing is within cities and their impact areas.
•    Approval of an additional duplex will increase the need for public services and facilities in this otherwise rural area. If the county continues to allow multi-family housing in this rural area, this will increase impacts on our roads and the need for services.  The noise and light pollution will affect the rural character of the area, and there will be negative wildlife and groundwater impacts.

VARD urges this commission to not proceed on a slippery slope where this corner of the county will become of hub for high-density housing.


Anna Trentadue


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