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Driggs and the County P&Z will be reviewing amendments to the Impact Area.

Decision Makers: Both Driggs and the County P&Z

Topic: Driggs and the County P&Z will be reviewing amendments to the Impact Area.

December 8th and 14th – Driggs Impact Area Hearings

The City of Driggs is proposing a new Impact Area as well as a new outer ring to be known as the Area of Interest. The Impact Area acts a buffer to the city and includes areas reasonably expected to be annexed by the city. Land use applications in the Impact Area are jointly governed by both Driggs and the county. The Area of Interest would be a more informal arrangement, where the county would request comments from Driggs on any land use applications in this area because they can potentially impact the city. Click here to see maps of the proposed impact area and area of interest.

Enlarging the Impact Area allows Driggs to have more control over its utilities, but there is always the risk of future sprawl. The critical issue here is whether the Driggs is designating Impact Area boundaries and drafting an accompanying Impact Area agreement that can weather time and different city/county administrations but still avoid detrimental growth scenarios. Both the Driggs and county Planning & Zoning (P&Z) commissions will hold separate hearings to review the proposals.

  • The Driggs P&Z hearing will be at 7:40pm on Wednesday, December 8th at the Driggs City Hall.
  • The county P&Z hearing will be at approximately 5:30pm on Tuesday, December 14th in the commissioners’ meeting room on the first floor of the new county courthouse.
  • Click here to read our comment letter.


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