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Cutthroat Creek Preliminary Plat Comment Letter

Cutthroat Creek Preliminary Plat Comment Letter

March 5, 2018

Teton County Planning & Zoning Commission

150 Courthouse Drive

Driggs, Idaho 83422

Re: Preliminary Plat Application for Cutthroat Creek Subdivision

Dear Commissioners:

Thank you for your thoughtful review of the Cutthroat Creek Preliminary Plat, particularly the Natural Resource and Wildlife Habitat Assessment. After reviewing Planning & Zoning Administrator Gary Armstrong’s review of the assessment, we still have reservations. However, this appears to be a case of dueling methodologies, and we do not feel qualified to be the arbiters thereof. Also, we understand the Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) has not commented on the proposal since July 18, 2017. This is unfortunate.

Going forward, we recommend that the Planning & Zoning Commission require adherence to the process as outlined in Title 9 for Natural Resource and Wildlife Habitat Assessments. This process is as follows:

1. After the preliminary plat is submitted to Teton County, the county sends the assessment to IDFG. Upon confirmed receipt from IDFG, a 45-day review period commences.

2. At the conclusion of the 45-day review period, the applicant will be given a chance to respond to IDFG comment. If IDFG fails to to provide comment within this timeframe, the county is to judge that IDFG has no comment.

3. After the 45-day IDFG review period, and after the applicant has responded (or chosen not to respond to IDFG), the public hearing is scheduled.

Our hope is that adherence to this process will ensure an orderly, efficient, and thorough review of future wildlife habitat assessments.

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn W. Hill

Executive Director


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