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Comments on alternatives to the Huntsman retail plaza

From: Anna Trentadue, VARD Program Director and Staff Attorney

Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2014 at 1:05 PM

To: Doug Self, Driggs Economic Development Director

Cc: Ashley Koehler, Driggs City Planner

Subject: Alternatives to the retail plaza

Hi Doug. I have one last comment for the December 11th hearing. Can it be forwarded to the P&Z commissioners? 

As an alternative to all having this additional retail space around the Huntsman Resort ice rink, another option to create a center of excitement that would not compete as heavily with downtown businesses would be to take uses proposed within the hotel and move them to the rink. For example, instead of 5 retail buildings, the rink could have:

  • The Excursion Center (which seems like a place most guests will frequent and will be a place of higher energy)  
  • The lodge gift shop, which could be considerable in size and sell a diversity of items
  • The lodge spa  (right now, the spa is currently proposed to be within the hotel, but separate from the pool area.) 
  • One of the two restaurants proposed to be located in the hotel. It could also include a lounge.
  • The kid’s center and playground
  • A reception or events space 

I’m also going to offer this comment at the hearing on Thursday, but also wanted to pass it to you and Ashley to mull over for the meeting. 

I agree that a firm commitment from the Huntsman team to provide a regular shuttle for guests to access downtown retail is important. 


Anna Trentadue

Program Director and Staff Attorney

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD)

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