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Comment letter on Teton Peaks rezone in Driggs

Comment letter on Teton Peaks rezone in Driggs

January 3, 2019

Driggs Planning & Zoning Commission

PO Box 48

Driggs, ID 83422

Re: Teton Peaks Rezone

Dear Members of the Commission:

We are writing in opposition of the Teton Peaks rezone, as Driggs currently has an overabundance of vacant commercially-zoned land. Also, the City of Driggs is in the midst of a Comprehensive Plan update, and the appropriate size, scale, and uses permitted in this location are still under public discussion. We’d wager that most Teton Valley citizens would be surprised to learn that the current, outdated Comp Plan prescribes commercial and mixed uses this far from downtown.

As you may know, the City Council recently rejected the Grover rezone largely due to the reasons stated above. We support consistency in decision-making, and ample time for the public to weigh-in on future zoning via the Comp Plan.

We repeat our recommendation to the City about adopting a rezone & annexation policy requiring a development agreement with each rezone or annexation – including this one. A development agreement can ensure that particulars of a rezoned development are consistent with City goals. It is also one of the few tools available to provide workforce housing, which should be considered with each rezone application.


Shawn W. Hill

Executive Director


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