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Huntsman Springs Lodge Subdivision Plat

April 15, 2015

City of Driggs Planning & Zoning Commission

60 Main Street

Driggs, Idaho 83422

Re: Huntsman Springs Lodge Subdivision

Dear Members of the Commission:

We recommend that the Commission table the Huntsman Springs Lodge Subdivision plat item until sufficient information is received to conduct an adequate review. The specific information needed is as follows:

Streetlamp lighting. There appear to be no plans available for any streetlamps proposed. We recommend that streetlamp specs be made available for Commission review prior to the issuance of a recommendation. The impact from outdoor lighting affects the entirety of Teton Valley and a review of the amount and type of lighting proposed is necessary to assess overall lighting impacts. This is particularly necessary since there is no opportunity for the discretionary review of the massive hotel building proposed and its associated lighting impacts.

Pathway details. Submitted plans show only a proposed 10’ easement adjacent to the existing Woodland Star Drive roadway easement. The proposed pathway is envisioned to be a key segment of a vast regional network connecting West Yellowstone, MT to Grand Teton National Park, and will likely be a major draw for tourism and other economic opportunities. As such, a positive user experience is essential along with the assurance that the pathway will meet the city’s landscaping standards. We recommend the applicant submit a detailed pathway design with associated landscaping for the Commission’s review.

Remediation plans for the fill stockpiles north of the site. Since the initial development of the Huntsman Springs PUD, the Driggs and Teton Valley community have been significantly impacted by the large stockpiles of fill orth of the proposed subdivision, which were created by the development of the Huntsman Springs PUD. These stockpiles block views of the Big Holes for many residents in the Valley Centre neighborhood and create visual impacts at the city’s northern gateway. Before moving forward with any further subdivision approvals for Huntsman Springs, a plan to address these stockpiles must be submitted. We refer you to Section 10-6A-8 (B)(3) of the City of Driggs’ Subdivision Regulations, which state “…each stage within a PUD shall be so planned and so related to existing surroundings and available facilities and services that failure to proceed to subsequent stage will not have a substantial adverse impact on the PUD or its surroundings.” Before commencement of this next stage of development within the Huntsman Springs PUD, the City must ensure that the lands containing the fill stockpiles will be sufficiently remediated in the event that the next stage (i.e. the development of proposed subdivision) is not completed or delayed indefinitely. Otherwise, the substantial adverse impact from the stockpiles will continue to affect properties within the PUD and its surroundings.

Again, we feel that this information is necessary before the Commission can move forward in their review of the Huntsman Lodge Subdivision Plat, and that the Commission’s best option is to table this item until these submittals are received. We thank you for your consideration.


Shawn W. Hill

Executive Director


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