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Blackfoot Estates preliminary plat

Decision Makers: Teton County Planning & Zoning Commission

Topic: Blackfoot Estates preliminary plat

The proposal is for a 6-lot subdivision on 20 acres at approximately 5000S and 500E. It is surrounded on all 4 sides by partially built-out subdivisions. With over 7,000 vacant lots in the valley, it is likely that these 6 lots will sit for years if not decades. Click here to see development within 1-mile of Blackfoot Estates. 

Development Summary

Regional Statistics: There are 32 subdivisions and planned unit developments (PUDs) located within 1-mile of this proposed subdivision. In summary, these 32 developments make up 885 lots on 1,816 acres. To date, 613 of these lots (or 59%) are vacant.

Boom-Bust Trends: The past 10 years have been the biggest boom for the area, with 495 lots being platted on 907 acres. This boom has now created a huge oversupply on the ground, with 444 of the lots (90% of them!) currently vacant.



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