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Black Pine Subdivision Preliminary Plan

Decision Makers: Teton County, ID P&Z Commission

Topic: Black Pine Subdivision Preliminary Plan

March 3, 2008

Teton County Planning and Zoning Commission

89 North Main Street

Driggs, Idaho 83422

RE: The proposed Black Pine Subdivision Preliminary Plan.

Dear Commissioners,

VARD has the following concerns with this proposed subdivision: 

·                    Building Envelopes: Teton County Code 9-3-3(A) requires buildings envelopes to be included in the preliminary application.  VARD believes building envelopes should be platted all the way through final recording to give the potential landowner notice of where they may build on the lot. Sometimes water features, septic setbacks, and other terrain features limit the potential building sites to a small area, thus reducing where a landowner may build.[1] 

·                    Access to lot 2: The developer should address how the landowner will access his home in lot 2.  There is a ditch in the way, and it is large enough to require a bridge for crossing. Such bridge specifications should be provided by the developer.

·                    Boundary Line Dispute: The letter from Terrance Bagley indicates that lots 1 and 2 may be reduced along the western border by 50 to 75 feet.[2] This issue will impact the available land for building envelopes, and should be resolved prior to proceeding.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.




Anna Trentadue

[1] Teton County Code 8-4-4 addresses minimum setbacks.  In AG 2.5 zoning, 30 feet is the minimum setback in front and side yards, 40 feet is the minimum setback from the back yard. In addition, Idaho Administrative Rule 58.01.03 requires a 50-foot setback from surfaces waters.

[2]  Letter sent to the applicants and Teton County via registered mail. Received February 4, 2008.


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