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Weed Warrior Workshop 2015

2015 Weed Warrior Workshop

Hosted by your Eastern Idaho County Weed Control Superintendents

For: Any person needing more information in how to deal with Invasive Weeds in Right of Ways, Non-Crop Sites, Utility Areas, Pastures, or Rangeland

June 9th –    Apprentice Weed Warriors – Why Control Weeds? Basic Weed Identification, personal and pesticide safety, product label orientation, calibration techniques.

June 9th –     Skilled Weed Warriors – Herbicide Selection and modes of action in plants, Resistant Weed Management, Land owner relations, BioControl Options and Methods.

June 10th –   AIS ATV Safety Certification – Many of our local weed authorities became ATV Safety Certified Trainers, now ATV Riding Weed Warriors can get Nationally Certified. No additional cost, 4 hour Course

June 10th –    Apprentice Warriors – University of Idaho Extension Educators will walk you through the information to be better equipped to take the ISDA Agriculture Herbicide Professional License exams. This is a full day, classroom study type of opportunity. Exam will be administered by ISDA on June 11th in the same location. Must have own study manuals from ISDA!

June 10th –    Skilled Warriors – Field Tour around Eastern Idaho. We will see Flowering Rush in Ditches, infestation of Rush skeletonweed, Russian thistle/Kochia Resistant weed trials, Russian Olive and other brush control comparisons, Russian knapweed herbicide and Bio Control Efforts. Product comparison and utilizing this information to develop weed management programs and spraying protocol

COSTS – $35.00 per person – includes registration and meals for both days

For comments or to pre-register call Bonneville County Weed Control 529-1397 or

Full agenda can be found here


Spottted Knapweed an extremely aggressive noxious weeds found in Teton Valley, ID




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