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“Greening Up” our county ordinances

Look at all the development infrastructure that has recently been completed in the valley, but now sits vacant. Because our county ordinances are silent on the issues of erosion, stormwater, and low-impact construction, the effects from the lack of erosion control and re-vegetation plans are clearly visible in many of these subdivsions and PUDs. As the dusty land lies fallow, topsoils are washed away and weeds quickly replace native vegetation. 

To address these loopholes in the county ordinances, VARD is currently working with Teton County planning staff to propose "green" ordinance changes such as:

  • Stormwater criteria
  • Hillside stabilization and erosion control criteria
  • Re-vegetation criteria
  • Construction best management practices
  • Changes to the county building code to promote low-impact and energy-efficient housing design.


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