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It’s time to Tamp the Glamp!

It’s time to Tamp the Glamp!

Glamour camping – also known as “Glamping” can be super fun and generate lots of tourism revenue within a community. BUT how much is too much?

There are actually SIX separate campground/RV park proposals currently vying for permit approvals at different locations throughout Teton County. They’re all trying to be operational by next summer.

To learn more about getting involved and submitting comments, stop by the office to pick up a copy of our Fall 2019 newsletter.

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  1. Michael Harrison

    The Moose Creek Ranch proposal is untenable and unconscionable for myriad reasons. The whole 20 acres is in a wetlands flood-plain where any septic fields are subjected each spring to complete inundating,thus literally flushing waste into Moose Creek. The current septic settling pond has been illegally constructed less than 50 feet from the Creek. The horse corral waste also is discharged there with every spring snowmelt and rain. Currently, the four guest cabins and their septic systems are illegally built less than 50 feet from the Creek. Moose Creek Ranch has NO water rights to build a required fire-pond.

    This place has been a polluting nightmare since it’s inception and the county has ignored and excused most grievous violations including its mistreatment of horses when it was run as a dude-ranch. The current proposal shows no signs of redemption for the decades of disfunction that Moose Creek Ranch represents.

    I’m hopeful that VARD and Teton County will successfully condemn this proposal.

  2. Michael Harrison

    Unlike Moose Creek Ranch, the Under Canvas Development at Moose Creek is an environmentally conscious, sustainable, and desirable asset for our local community as well as the animals that seasonally use the 92 acres. Under Canvas has a proven record of artful design in the construction and usage of their “Glamping” facilities. They preserve the land with a minimum of infrastructure so their clients can enjoy the natural beauty that most developers take for granted and destroy.

    Would you rather see a “Trailer-Town” mobile home park or 300 modular homes at the entrance to Moose Creek Canyon, all adding to traffic as their owners commute to work in Jackson? Either might have been the nightmare had any other developer purchased this prime parcel that’s been on the market for more than a decade. Under Canvas has the ability to be this scenic property’s protector and benefactor.

    The “Glampers” that use the property will come from all over the world to enjoy comfort while camping in a natural setting. They’ll bring their disposable incomes to support our local small businesses. They’ll be spending their time and money in Teton County, Idaho, not Teton County, Wyoming. They’ll leave Teton Valley with an appreciation for our wide open spaces and the wildlife that makes our home so unique.

    Under Canvas will only operate during our short summer season. During the other 8 months the land will still be a place where deer, elk, moose, coyotes, wolves, bears, eagles, hawks, owls, cranes, ermine, martin, badgers and squirrels go about their lives in nature, “red in tooth and claw.” Under Canvas will plant more copses of trees to shield their tents from view and complement the aspens, cottonwoods, hawthorns, sage and chokecherry that provide habitat for the myriad of songbirds. Would any other developer do that?

    I heartily recommend that the Under Canvas Developement be approved not just by the P&Z, but embraced by our community. My property, where I’ve had a home since ’95, borders their 92 acres. I’ve enjoyed watching all the wildlife I’ve listed above and know I or my tenants will continue to enjoy their seasonal presence. This parcel has always been private with NO public access to the BLM or Nat’l. Forest land beyond. If you’ve walked here you’ve been trespassing. That’s why Meredith Hare named it “Keep Out Ranch.” Under Canvas won’t take away any access that no one ever had.

    Thanks for your attention. I hope you can join me in supporting this project instead of jumping on an Instagrammable catchphrase like “Tamp the Glamp.” I’ve always thought VARD was smarter than that.

    Happy Trails,

    Michael Harrison

  3. Emmett McCarthy

    As I have stated in earlier posts, we are opposed to the most recent
    avalanche of “glamping” applications. Too much of a good/bad thing?
    We think so.
    They are inching toward a frontal assault on some quiet, established
    communities, including ours.
    Both in season and in the winter, the tent cities would be an attack on
    the settled peace and quiet of the neighborhoods adjacent to them.
    Please, do not approve any of these blights.

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