Grand Targhee Base Area Development

February, 24 2023


Feb. 13th Hearing Recap:

Upon commencement of the the meeting, staff presented NEW documents from an email (sent the day of the hearing) as a request from the applicant to review amended plat with timeline and new site plan. Given the short notice, these amendments did not carry much weight in the commission's discussion. All commissioners were on the same page in encouraging Idaho to negotiate fiercely and work closely with the BoCC when the time comes and wishing that there had been more collaboration between the two counties. However, in the end both items were recommended for approval (with conditions) with a 3-2 vote.


The BoCC will hold a public hearing for the final decision on the development.

The time and date are yet to be announced. You will know when we know!


There will be a special meeting with Teton Counties WY & ID Commissioners on

March 6th at 10 am. Check this link for updated information.

You can listen to the full Feb. 13th meeting here. Audio - TCWY Public Hearing - Feb 13

Jan 23rd Hearing Recap:

Along with community members, Cindy Riegel (TCID BOCC Chair), Rob Marin (TCID GIS Manager/ Community Projects Coordinator), August Christensen (Driggs Mayor), Doug Self (Driggs Community Development Director), and Jay Pence (District Ranger CTNF) all presented comments during the January 23rd public hearing. While the first public comment period is now  closed - it could reopen. In the meantime, we are asking you... our Alta friends and family... to please review the materials provided below and write to your TCWY commissioners. Your comments will still be made part of the record.


Background - Targhee submitted an application to TCWY for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) in 2004 and an amended application in 2006. Amended again, and approved, in 2008 by the TCWY BOCC. Approval included a plan allowing for up to 450 units and 150,000 square feet of development for commercial and resort services - with 36 conditions of approval. Given that our region has undergone substantial changes since the master plan was developed 15 years ago - housing needs, equitable revenue sharing, traffic, infrastructure, EMS, fire and emergency management services all need to be reevaluated. These were among the multiple concerns raised during public comment. 

Click below to listen to the Jan 23rd meeting (public comments begin around 2hrs in).

Audio - TCWY Commission Meeting - Jan.23rd

Thoughts from our local Commissioners and Organizations:

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Citizen vigilance is critical to address Grand Targhee Expansion

by: Cindy Riegel, Teton County Idaho Board Of County Commissioners Chair


Conservation Alliance Objects to Proposal

New post from Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance 

300+ Lots on 1300+ Acres & GTR Base Area Development

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