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What is the PLUM?

What is the Projected Land Use Map?

The Projected Land Use Map (sometimes called the Preferred Land Use Map or PLUM) is a forward-looking community planning map that Teton County is required to create and adopt pursuant to the Idaho Local Land Use Planning Act (LLUPA). The PLUM will serve as a guidance document, providing the long-term vision for the direction of future land use development in our valley.  The map reflects our community’s current idea of how land uses might evolve in the future in light of the goals outlined in our county comprehensive plan.

It is important to remember that the PLUM is not a zoning map, but rather a state-mandated planning tool. A zoning map controls what types of developments may be constructed in a particular area, whereas the PLUM forecasts future development for the area. The PLUM will not affect your property’s zoning classification, and cannot be used to add or take away entitlements to your property.

One of the biggest benefits of the PLUM is that it engages our community and gets people thinking about what future land uses they would like to see in this valley.

On Tuesday, March 10th, the Planning & Zoning Commission held a public hearing on the proposed PLUM and unanimously recommended its approval. Next, the Board of County Commissioners will review the proposed PLUM.  When a hearing date is set, we will post it here. 

Read VARD's comment letter on the proposed PLUM.

To find out more about the proposed PLUM call VARD (208-354-1707) or the county planning department (208-354-2905).


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