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Victor needs input on new downtown intersection



March 29, 2013


On Thursday, March 28, 2013, Mayor Smith and the City of Victor Staff met with District 6 of the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to discuss the current layout for the Highway 31 and 33 Intersection. The meeting was very productive and well received by the ITD. Blake Rindlisbacher, the District Engineer for the ITD, agreed on the proposed schedule that was presented by the City to engage the public and to have City Council make a decision on a proposed layout. He also expressed his view that he appreciated the City and the open lines of communication on this project. He then emphasized the time crunch that the ITD is in to execute all of the necessary coordination and engineering design to produce a shovel ready project and maintain the funding by September. It was made clear that after April 25th that no further layout changes would be considered. Mayor Smith and staff in turn expressed the City's appreciation for the consideration and made a commitment to produce a workable solution in the time allotted. It was agreed that if the City would help with the utility coordination and with the overall design to compensate for the time lost in order to allow the City to execute the public outreach plan.

The following is the schedule and process that the City Council approved on March 27th in order to reach out to the public and to come to a conclusion on the layout of the intersection.

Wednesday, April 10th at 6 P.M. -Location, City Hall- Design Charrette with Council and Planning & Zoning: The first meeting will be a design charrette with the decision makers from the City along with all interested stakeholders. THE INTENT OF THE MEETING is to gather the designs and ideas for the main street intersection and to refine them from a technical and stakeholders perspective. At the end of this meeting the City will have refined and narrowed down the designs from a technical perspective in preparation for presenting them to the public for feedback.

Wednesday, April 17th at 6 P.M. – Location, Pierre's Playhouse – First Public Outreach Meetings: Hold a public outreach meeting by using a modified Envision Victor approach. THE INTENT OF THESE MEETINGS is to present the different design options to the public and to get their feedback on the layouts that are presented. The City Staff will facilitate this meeting by using the visual presentations along with touch pad voting. We will also reach out to the Citizens who cannot make this meeting via the City website and information centers at the Library and City Buildings. April 20th will be the last day that the City will accept public comments on the proposed layouts.

Saturday, April 20th at 10 A.M.-Location, Pierre's Playhouse – Second Public Outreach Meetings: Same as previous public outreach meeting.

April 22 at 7 P.M. -Location, City Hall – Special Council Meeting with P&Z: THE INTENT OF THIS MEETING is to have the decision makers review the feedback from the public outreach efforts, to deliberate on the designs, and to make a decision on the overall layout that they would like to be taken back to the Idaho Transportation Department.

April 24 at 7 P.M. – Regular City Council Meeting: After all of the final revisions have been made as directed by the Council during the previous meeting the final layout will be presented to City Council for their final approval.

April 25 – Deliver Layout to ITD: Staff and Mayor will meet with the ITD to present the proposed layout.

The City of Victor would like to encourage any comments or questions to be directed to City Staff or Councilmen locally. City Staff can be contacted at City Hall (208) 787-2940. The Victor City Council can be contacted directly by email at:

Also, please visit our website at for updates and links to the City's Facebook page.

Please spread the word, the City would like to hear everyone's opinion on the traffic light layout. As we move forward with this process we would ask for each of you to help us to bridge the gaps that exist between us in our community and to help us to collectively work together to make this special place that we all enjoy even better.


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