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VARD’s 2011 Teton County quick facts now available

2011 Teton County Quick Facts

CLICK HERE to read (in detail) all of the latest and greatest development and foreclosure stats for Teton County, Idaho. Here is a brief summary of the highlights:

  • # Vacant lots: New and better county data indicates there are actually 7,791 (not 7,005) vacant platted lots in the unincorporated county. There are still roughly 1,000 vacant platted lots in Driggs. No good data exists for Victor or Tetonia.
  • % of lots developed: In the unincorporated county, 21.3% of all platted lots have some kind of house or structure built (or partially built) on it. In Driggs, the number is 40%. No good data exists for Victor or Tetonia.
  • Building permits: In 2010, there were 16 building permits for new home construction in the unincorporated county. In 2009, 26 permits were issued.
    • Absorption: At the 2010 rate, it will take 486 years for the existing 7,791 vacant lots to be absorbed into the market. At the 2007 boom rate of 100 building permits per year, it will take 77 years to absorb these lots.
  • Foreclosures: 2009 and 2010 Teton County foreclosures topped $251,000,000.
    • 2011 so far: From Jan 1 through June 1of this year, county foreclosures topped $39,500,000.
  • Census Data: Teton County is the Fastest Growing County in Idaho!
    • Since 2000, our county’s population nearly doubled, growing from 5,999 residents to 10,170 people who claim Teton Valley as their primary residence. This is a 69.5% increase in our population, making us the fastest growing county in Idaho.
    • Since 2000, Victor has grown by 129.5% (there are now 1,928 residents), Driggs has grown by 50.9% (now 1,660 residents), and Tetonia has grown by 8.9% (now 269 residents). Click here to view the raw numbers.

WANT EVEN MORE INFO? Click here to see our statistics page where we post data on incomplete subdivisions in Teton County, ID. 



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