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VARD Staff Publish 2nd Lincoln Research Paper

VARD staff publish second research paper with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

In 2012, Western Lands and Communities, a joint venture of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Sonoran Institute, contracted with VARD for legal research on the tools and policies utilized to address Teton County's present-day challenges as the community grapples with an abundance of premature and obsolete subdivisions.  Written as a “Lessons Learned” paper, Addressing Excess Development Entitlements gives a historical perspective on how Teton County’s present oversupply of subdivision lots came to be, and what policies and tools have been implemented to address these issues.

Written by VARD Program Director and Staff attorney Anna Trentadue, this paper was recently published in the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy research library. 

This is VARD’s second Lincoln research paper. In 2010, Trentadue and former VARD staffer Christopher Lundberg published Subdivision in the Intermountain West, which identified tools for addressing obsolete and premature development entitlements throughout the Rocky Mountain West.  The goal of the paper was to identify tools that might translate well from state to state as each deals with obsolete and premature subdivisions. 

To learn more about Western Lands and Communities, click here.



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