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VARD receives grant, schedules Jan 12th training


December 13, 2010

Sandy Mason, Executive Director

Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD) receives grant, schedules training

KeyPad(Driggs. ID)— Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD) is happy to announce that they are among the Fall 2010 Teton Springs Foundation grant recipients. This is the first time that VARD has received a Teton Springs Foundation Grant. VARD’s $5,052.70 grant will go towards purchasing 100 individual keypad polls from Turning Technologies. The keypad polls will be made available for free checkout to local government and other Teton Valley nonprofit organizations interested in gathering public input. “VARD is excited and thankful for the support from the Teton Springs Foundation as this grant is truly a gift to the entire community. We look forward to putting this system into use as soon as possible” noted Sandy Mason, VARD’s Executive Director.

A major benefit of using the keypad polling systems is that data can be gathered anonymously and instantaneously. Efficiently gathering community feedback is particularly important as Teton County and the cities of Driggs and Victor, Idaho begin to work on their revised Comprehensive Plans. Decision-makers and organizations will now have an opportunity to gather a detailed and accurate reflection of the community’s vision than can otherwise be obtained through the traditional public comment process, which may be intimidating for some people.

According to VARD Executive Director Sandy Mason, the keypad polling system has the potential to significantly improve the quality of public meetings and the accuracy of citizens’ feedback. Use of the cutting-edge technology is also fun, and can help allow time for honest and sincere discussion of sensitive topics.In addition, the keypad polling system is versatile and can be utilized for numerous interactive applications (e.g., focus groups, school meetings, etc).

A free training on how to use the keypad polling system for area nonprofit organizations and public agencies will be held Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 from 10am-12pm in the Commissioners Meeting Room (located at the new Teton County, Idaho Courthouse in Driggs). Representatives from area nonprofits and other groups are invited to attend to learn how to use the keypad system and to obtain information on the system checkout process. VARD sincerely thanks the Teton Springs Foundation for their generous funding, as well as Teton County for providing the meeting space for the training.



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