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VARD awards recognize local citizens

VARD Annual Awards

At the Valley Advocates for Responsible Development (VARD) annual Mad Hatter Party on Friday, November 9th VARD gave out three awards.  

Volunteer of the Year Award     
The recipient of this year’s Volunteer of the Year Award is Kathi Myers, who has given countless hours to copying and archiving articles from local papers that are relevant to VARD’s work.  “Over the course of four years, Kathi has created a well-recorded, accessible institutional history and we are deeply indebted to her for the precious time she has devoted to VARD.”  said Sandy Mason, VARD Executive Director.

Community Contribution Award

Geordie Gillett is the recipient of VARD’s Community Contribution Award for his contributions in the areas of affordable housing, the county planning fund, the county legal defense fund, helping fund the economic analysis done by the EPA for Driggs and Victor, recycling, his involvement in the Driggs Urban Renewal District and Music on Main, which brought free concerts to Driggs every Thursday the past two summers and has been a huge community celebration.  “In our community the legacy has been not to require developers to contribute toward community needs. Gillett has taken the initiative and financially committed to raising the quality of life for Teton Valley residents in many different arenas.” Mason said.

Community Vision Award      
Sabra Steele, a Teton County Planning and Zoning Commissioner, is the recipient of VARD’s Community Vision Award for her consistent efforts to uphold the community’s vision as identified in the Teton County Comprehensive Plan and county ordinances.  Sandy Mason praised Steele saying: “In her two year term, Sabra Steele has used the Comprehensive Plan to bring focus to development discussions particularly concerning open space, cost of community services, habitat protection, water and air quality. Through the lens of the comprehensive plan she sparks intelligent and necessary conversations about the critical issues our county faces.”


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