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The Teton Creek Corridor Project is Really Happening!

The Teton Creek Corridor Project is Really Happening!


After more than two years of hard work with our project partners Teton Valley Trails & Pathways, Friends of the Teton River, and the Teton Regional Land Trust, we are finally able to unveil our Teton Creek Corridor project!

With cooperation from generous private landowners, our four non-profit partners secured 2.5 miles of public pathway easements from Stateline Road to the former County landfill property, on the south side of the Teton Creek.


To create this greenbelt, the project partners also worked with the owners of obsolete subdivisions along the creek, an area of particular expertise for our organization:

Reshaping subdivisions along Teton Creek will reduce environmental impacts to Teton Creek, and make them more economically viable. Environmentally sensitive development is marketable development. The Teton Creek Corridor project could be a great model for development that is environmentally conscious and economically sound – a core principle of our Comprehensive Plan.

-Shawn Hill
Executive Director

To learn more about this monumental project, FAQs, opportunities for involvement, and ongoing updates as the greenbelt is designed and constructed, please visit:





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