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Introducing the Lots of Lots Podcast Episode 1

Introducing the Lots of Lots Podcast Episode 1

Introducing….the Lots of Lots podcast!

We are test-driving a new communication technique with our membership – an audio podcast! We hope this provides you with another way to get informed, and get involved with what’s happening in Teton Valley. 

Our first podcast series is called Teton Valley: Lots of Lots. This six-part series will detail several important policy changes happening in Teton County, Idaho that could impact our community profoundly, specifically the fate of 8,000 vacant lots found in derelict subdivisions throughout the valley. Click the bar below, and give Lots of Lots a listen!


Teton County has lots of lots – vacant lots, that is. Over 8,000 to be exact. Most of these lots are vacant, and though the real estate market has recovered, many of these lots are located in unfinished subdivisions that have gone bankrupt, or are not desirable. Click below to tune in….



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