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State of the Rockies Report Card

Colorado College’s “State of the Rockies Report Card” examines many trends
relevant to Teton County, Idaho. For example, the report states that 54% of land
in the Rocky Mountain states, including Idaho, is privately held – mostly in the
form of ranch and farmland. According to the report, モagricultural lands,
especially ranches, play a vital role in creating the Western scenic vistas,
protecting wildlife and giving the region its rugged character.ヤ

The report also states that development of private land is the biggest factor
in the rapidly changing western landscape.

The report is produced by the Colorado College State of the Rockies Project
which describes itself as “Building upon 130 years of service to the region, the
Rockies Project conducts state-of-the-art research helping Rockies residents
clearly see our communities, our environment, and our economy so we can better
shape our future.”

View the entire
on the Colorado College


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