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Setting the Record Straight

Dear VARD Members & Friends,

Teton Valley is a fantastic place to live, grow, and invest. Here at VARD, we strive every day to help make our home even better. We support downtown economic growth, creative & market-driven programs to shape development around critical habitat, and civic engagement in all areas of land-use and community planning. Unfortunately, we often encounter confusion about our mission, especially during heated election seasons. Please see my prior OpEd, as well as this editorial piece by our Program Director Anna Trentadue and our recent fall newsletter.

These publications dispel the inaccurate rumors that VARD is somehow supporting political candidates. However, just today, some downright false rumors began disseminating from Sid Kunz’s re-election campaign website regarding the integrity of our office. I’d like to take a quick second to clear them up. VARD does not endorse or fund political candidates. That would violate our 501C3 nonprofit status – a very serious allegation of illegal activity that should not be bandied about lightly. Sadly, these unfounded allegations suggest a lack of integrity on my part, and that of my staff.

As a nonprofit citizens’ group working towards fair and predictable development that will benefit the entire community and future generations, our approach is a collaborative one. We offer a warm, welcoming office where officials, citizens, and developers frequently stop by for information and creative, solution-oriented approaches to land-use planning in Teton Valley. I’m proud of our capable and ethical staff (really, you guys are the best!).

Yes, I personally think you should all vote because voting is powerful, necessary for positive community change, and fun. But it’s none of VARD’s business who you vote for in the coming election. Feel free to call our office with any questions about the exciting world of land-use planning, but please direct any questions about elections to the candidates and political organizations. Thank you!

Stacey2012Stacey Coopmans Frisk

Executive Director (but not for much longer!)
Valley Advocates for Responsible Development


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