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May 31st: What’s the future of “Drictor”?

May 31st: What’s the future of “Drictor”?

What do you want the future of “Drictor” to be?


What do you want the entrances of our towns to look like?

North Driggs

Please come share your thoughts with the Code Studio code writers as they host a free public code writing workshop from 9AM-NOON on Sat May 31st to discuss land use and zoning in “Drictor” as well as the gateways to our cities.  Then, Code Studio will give a final presentation on Tuesday June 3rd at 6:30pm.
*These events will be held at the Teton County Courthouse in Driggs.*

This is all part of the $1.5M HUD “Sustainable Communities” Grant. 

To learn more about Code Studio’s code writing work for Victor, Driggs, and Teton County, CLICK HERE.


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