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Envision Victor Wraps Up! Read the Final Report

After more than two years of innovative public outreach and community – based planning exercises, the Envision Victor project has met its goals and left the City of Victor with a plan to continue to incorporate the Heart & Soul values of the community into public decisions. VARD has been thankful for the opportunity to work with the Orton Family Foundation who provided project funding, other resources and invaluable expertise as well as the team of project partners who made Envision Victor a success on the ground.


In addition to VARD staff, project partners have included:

  • Cari Golden — City of Victor
  • Mike O’Neill — City of Victor
  • Tim Adams — Teton Valley Trails & Pathways
  • Janine Jolley — Citizen at Large
  • David Kearsley — Citizen at Large
  • Dahvi Wilson — Project Coordinator
  • John Carney — Orton Family Foundation

Many others also served on the partners committee over the course of the project and an even larger group participated in the events and outreach efforts put on by Envision Victor since the beginning of 2009. With over 37 public events and over 550 local residents involved in the project, Envision Victor represented a dynamic grassroots effort to explore Victor’s “Heart & Soul” and define a common set of values that transcend traditional social barriers. Through the efforts of the citizens who got involved in the Envision Victor process, the people of Victor have found news ways to influence their town’s future and ultimately strengthen the public decision-making process.

To read the final project report and view some of the data collected by the Envision Victor project, please check out the links below.

Download pdf reports:

 Read more about what's next for Envision Victor at:





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