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BOCC decides against pursuing interim moratorium

This is just a quick update to let you know what the county commissioners decided this afternoon in terms of a response to the moratorium injunction.   A full report of the meeting will be posted under "Meeting Reports".

When it was time for the board to address the moratorium injunction Commissioner Stevenson read a statement that she had prepared beforehand due to the emotionally charged nature of the issue.  In her statement she said that she thought it was important for the county to have a comprehensive plan for how to move forward on land use issues since the moratorium had been put on hold.  She said she still believed a moratorium to be the best way to give the county time to deal with all the issues before them.  She outlined 6 actions she recommended the board take to address the planning issues of the county.  Those six items are listed below. 

Neither Commissioner Young nor Trupp agreed to the request to schedule a public hearing to consider an interim moratorium.  However, all three commissioners agreed on the need to remove density definitions from the comp plan (item #4 on the list), which will open the door for changing the PUD ordinance.  The other items on the list were passed by a two to one vote with Mark Trupp the dissenting vote.  In an upcoming meeting report we will flesh out in more detail the discussion around these six items and their significance for how the county moves forward.

1)  Authorize the law firm of Moore, Smith, Buxton and Turcke to write an interim moratorium ordinance to be heard by the P&Z on June 12 and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on July 12.

2) Authorize Moore, Smith, Buxton and Turcke to write a document to repeal the county PUD ordinance (Title 9, Chapter 7) to be heard by P & Z on June 12 and BOCC on July 12.

3) Place the Gateway PUD amendment, which is being sent to the BOCC by the P&Z, on the BOCC Public Hearing agenda for July 12 rather than June 14, so that all the proposals regarding the PUD can be considered at once.

4) Place an amendment to remove density definitions from the comp plan on the June 12 P & Z agenda. 

5) Hire Moore, Smith, Buxton and Turcke to conduct a joint P&Z and BOCC training meeting as soon as possible.

6) Hire Moore, Smith, Buxton and Turcke to attend all BOCC meetings and public hearings, and all P&Z meetings and public hearings from now through July.


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