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Young recusal clarified; Victor gravel pit for sale; Credit crunch affecting local developers; Road name issues; Fire District seeking funding to offset development impacts; Transfer station running smoothly; Family Safety Network fundraising event

Young does not need to recuse himself on applications he saw while on P&Z

County Prosecutor Bart Birch clarified that Commissioner Young does not need to recuse himself from BOCC deliberation on an application simply because he saw the application as a P&Z commissioner.  Especially if the application was at the concept stage with the P&Z, by the time it gets to the BOCC it is almost a different application.  Instead, Birch said Young should take each application on a case by case basis and if he had come out strongly on an application while on the P&Z then it would be wise to recuse himself.   Commissioner Stevenson said that she thought having all three commissioners weigh in resulted in better decisions and that it made it easier to find a compromise. 

Victor gravel pit for sale
The county is selling 5.17 acres on the east side of Highway 33 in Victor. The minimum bid is $85,000 and the county has the right to accept or refuse any bid.

Credit Crunch affecting local developers
Until recently developers would submit a letter of credit from a bank as a guarantee of their projects. These letters of credit are becoming harder to secure as financial institutions are affected by the national credit crunch.  Now the county will accept either a letter of credit or the developer can put up a cash bond, which only the county can withdraw or release.

300 roads need name changes
There are 300 roads in the county with names so similar that name changes are necessary.  There has been a lot of discussion about what is a fair process for determining which roads get which names.  The county will probably hold a public hearing on road name changes.

Development impacts to Fire District
The Fire District asked that voluntary contributions to the Fire District, meant to offset the impacts of a development to the Fire District, be written into the development agreement.  Both the planning administrator and county attorney questioned whether the contributions were truly voluntary if they were written into the development agreement. The commissioners asked the Fire District to come up with a written proposal for how to get money to offset the impacts of a development to the Fire District.

Transfer station running smoothly
Early glitches at the new temporary transfer station seem to have been ironed out.  Last Saturday checking people in and out went very smoothly and efficiently.  The BOCC decided that households coming with just one or two self-contained bags of trash under 60lbs can by-pass the scale in the future. 

Family Safety Network
Family Safety Network, a local nonprofit, made a presentation to the BOCC and reported that they have been refunded for next year by the US Department of Justice for $338,000.  The Family Safety Network provides free and confidential prevention and crisis services to adults, teens and children troubled by abuse, sexual assault, or living with family violence.  

The Family Safety Network annual fundraiser dinner is going to be held Wednesday, December 5th from 5:30-8:30pm at the Wildwood Room in Victor.  This is a great family event with Santa and the elves in attendance, a craft project for the kids and a live auction and raffle.  Tickets can be purchased at the Family Safety Network office on First Street in Driggs or at the door.  Entrance for a family is $35 or $15 per adult and $5 for children 12 and under.  All proceeds go to the approximately 300 families per year that FSN helps with shelter, food and clothing.  For more information call the Family Safety Network at 354-8057.


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