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Work meeting to revise commercial zoning language in county zoning ordinance

Commercial Zoning Language
The county P&Z continues to meet for work meetings in which they tackle planning needs at the county level. This Tuesday's work meeting was very productive and focused on problems with wording in the Title 8 zoning ordinance where commercial zones in the county are described. As the ordinance is now written, it could be interpreted to mean that commercial uses are allowed anywhere in the county, which was not the original intent. The commission worked on tightening up the language in the ordinance so that there would be no misinterpretation of the intent of the ordinance. The importance of a Preferred Land Use Map (PLUM) was discussed and work on that will begin at the next work meeting, July 10th.

The P&Z work on this ordinance is very important. Identifying areas where commercial zoning is appropriate prevents commercial sprawl from spreading out all along our major roads.  This will also protect the vitality of our towns as commercial centers.  However, a Preferred Land Use Map (PLUM) is an important tool for looking at the big picture of the whole valley and all land uses when determining which areas in the county are appropriate for commercial development. This is why VARD has been advocating so long for a PLUM.

Upcoming Meetings
1.    Because of a notification problem the regular P&Z meeting on July 10th has been rescheduled to July 23rd.  The work meeting scheduled for July 10th to start work on the PLUM will still take place. 


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