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Work meeting to look at proposed ordinances to address open space and density


The P&Z held a work meeting from3pm to 5m before their regular meeting. The main event of this session was the ordinance that was presented by a diverse group of stakeholders that dealt with “the bench” area of the valley, that is the north west portion of the valley. The ordinance was titled the Teton County Gateway Overlay District. The purpose of the ordinance was to address the densities, open space and other issues that are important to that area. The group that worked to put this together consisted of developers, P&Z members, VARD, the Teton Regional Land Trust, farmers, and land owners.

One developer, Greenfield Partners, produced their own example of an ordinance addressing similar issues. A lively discussion took place on the proposal and in the end it was agreed that the P&Z would look at both proposals and come up with their own version by the next work meeting on March 29th. VARD hopes that the P&Z gives careful consideration to the suggestions in the Teton County Gateway Overlay District as we believe it to contain excellent ideas.   


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