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Winter Maintenance of County Roads; Mosquito Abatement Levy; Sheriff's Department Grievance Forms; Problems with P&Z Process; Hospital Update

Winter Maintenance of County Roads
The issue of maintaining winter roads came up again as several more plowing requests were addressed by the BOCC. Commissioner Young expressed his dismay about previously voting to approve the winter maintenance of 660W in Tetonia because there is no structure to for determining when to grant a request. He stated that decisions should not be based on a case-by-case basis. Commissioner Stevenson once again expressed her desire to develop a clear policy for determining when county roads will be maintained, so the Board of County Commissioners will not have to decide on an ad hoc basis.  The commissioners then discussed whether such criteria would include a list of priority roads, or employ some other ranking system. VARD agrees that a checklist of criteria for winter road maintenance would be the most judicious way of determining which roads must be maintained.  

Mosquito Abatement Levy

The BOCC debated the appropriate basis for levying taxes to pay for a mosquito district proposal, which will be on November’s ballot. The taxes could be levied on all property, or just the improvements (e.g. houses, outbuildings) on each property. The rationale for this debate is the following: while the abatement project would apply to all lands, the purpose of the abatement is to improve conditions where people live. This issue was tabled for additional discussion.  

Sheriff’s Department Grievance Forms

For those who wish to submit a grievance form regarding the Teton County Sheriff’s department, the forms must be signed and dropped off to police dispatch for processing. A copy of the form is available on the county website.

Problems with P&Z Process Highlighted
Two issues highlighted loopholes in the P&Z department. First, the Legacy Lakes Subdivision extension request was once again tabled for a further hearing because the developer was not notified that a fee was required to process the extension request. The developer’s representative at the meeting expressed frustration because they originally filed the request letter on December 18, 2007, but have yet to be granted an extension, even after numerous conversations and correspondence with the P&Z administrator.  

The county addressing committee raised a troubling phenomenon whereby final plats for subdivisions are being recorded with street names that the county has disallowed. As you may recall, due to numerous similar and duplicate street names, and the complications this can create for emergency responders, the addressing committee is providing guidelines on new street names. To prevent problematic street names from being recorded on plats, the committee would like to review all final plats before recordation.

Hospital Update

Commissioner Stevenson provided a brief synopsis of current affairs at the hospital. The hospital has begun to select CEO candidates to be interviewed next month, but the interim CFO is doing a good job of holding things together. However, cash flow is still tight, and the hospital is considering a change in governance to help raise income to cover outstanding debts.


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