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Winter maintenance of county roads; Complaint regarding Sheriff's towing policy; Animal Control Officer update; Preliminary Audit Review; Addressing; Homes occupied without Permits of Occupancy; Capital Improvements Plan update

Winter Maintenance of County Roads
The recent stretch of severe winter weather has brought many road maintenance issues to the front burner. The BOCC discussed the appropriate school closure policies to avoid school buses becoming stranded in the snow. The county has a policy to do whatever it takes to get children home from school safely, but there needs to be coordination with the school districts to ensure that schools close in a timely manner before weather conditions make travel unsafe.

The BOCC also passed a county road snow removal policy, which will be available on the county website soon. The new county engineer, Lou Simonet, agreed to draft a map depicting which winter roads will be maintained by the county.  

Teton Valley Towing Complaint Letter Regarding County Sheriff’s Department
Teton Valley Towing submitted a complaint letter outlining their frustration with the sheriff’s office towing rotation schedule, and their belief that Wrecker Boyz towing is heavily favored in the rotation schedule which is supposed to apportion the towing jobs fairly and equally. Teton Valley Towing outlined a long history of these problems with the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Cooke said that whatever mistakes were made in the past, the office was working hard to ectify the situation and come into compliance with the office’s own towing policies.

Animal Control Officer Update
Sheriff Cooke shared his thoughts on the great need for an animal control officer in Teton County. Cooke proposed that the county should give money to the shelter so they can hire and manage the officer. The BOCC discussed raising the fines for animal citations to raise revenue for support of animal control efforts. The Teton Valley Humane Society is assembling a proposal for how this animal control officer position will be managed. The BOCC will present this proposal to the cities and request financial contributions from them.

2007 Preliminary Audit Review By Rudd & Associates

The BOCC reviewed the current draft of the 2007 audit with Rudd & Associates, which has collected a lot of raw data but has not made summary assessments or recommendations at this point, beyond talking about ways to better invest county funds.   

Recent problems with proper addressing in subdivisions underscored the importance of the county addressing committee and the need for addressing enforcement. The planning & building department outlined an increasingly common problem whereby the county GIS department assigns addresses in a subdivision but different numbers are being used on the ground. This causes confusion and trouble for the homeowners who have incorrect or duplicate addresses. The county is currently exploring the possibility of hiring an enforcement officer and the job of verifying that the address being used is the one given by the county could potentially fall under that person’s job description.  

A Large Number of Valley Homes Do Not Have Certificates of Occupancy
The need for better enforcement in the Planning & Building department also came up when the discussion turned to the fact that many valley homes are built, sold, and occupied without ever receiving a certificate of occupancy. The BOCC discussed the need to identify the breakdown in the building and inspection process which allows a house to never receive a certificate of occupancy.

Hoffman Planning & Engineering Capital Improvement Plan Update
Hoffman Planning’s work developing a Capital Improvement Plan for Teton County is still ongoing.  They reported that trying to get accurate build out estimates for the county is proving difficult due to discrepancies in records.  VARD will issue updates on Hoffman’s progress on the CIP as they become available.


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